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    AndrewNewb Guest

    Default Nooobie needs help

    Hey im new! ok here it is.. i have no idea where to start, im 20 and need help with social skills.
    im very poor and dont no where to start.

    i have social anxciety and trouble to start conversation with male/female ... i cant seem to unleash my personality if that makes sense, something is stopping me to start conversations..

    i was thinking about reading "The Game", does any recommend this book?
    thankyou all

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    Ambition Guest


    Definitely read The Game. Truthfully, you won't "learn" too much from this book, but it will raise your confidence significantly. After that, evaluate how your life is going and if you want to actually read some "self help" books on the subject. Anything from PUA books like Mystery Method to books on communication skills, psychology and influence skills, body language, networking, etc., can help you.

    If reading's not your thing (which for me it's not), there are a ton of audio books out there on the subject. I have them in my car right now and listen to them while I drive. I've ever done two "field road trips" where I drive a long distance just to listen to a full book, and then go out partying and trying out my new skills in the city I was heading to (usually LA).

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    Hey Andrew,

    There is a ton of great information out there, some here, some at other sites and certainly "The Game" is a great place to start. I started with Double Your Dating from David DeAngelo and think it was a great kick off (but it is $20).

    He has one product, the 77 Rules for Success with Women and Dating which I found excellent.

    Good luck my friend.

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    Loner Guest

    Smile Re: Nooobie needs help

    First thing to do is build up your mental cushion for aa (look this up if you dont know) and the best way I did this *I do this when ever I need a pick up on my inner game. Inner game is something you need later on *for multiple approaches and LTR (long term relationships), you need to just focus on saying hi for now.

    My AA cushion (because AA never really goes away) is to stop sarging, and everyday, yes EVERYDAY for at least a month, you need to go to a populated place and compliment 5 people (guys / girls it doesnt matter) on an item, or on a clothing piece of theirs. Anything is good except physical beauty (ex. hair, smile, boobs, eyes, etc... no body parts, this isn't extra credit for anatomy class, so dont bring it up).

    you:Oh excuse me I just wanted to stop you to ask you where you got your shoes, they look nice.
    person:thank you, i got them at such and such a store
    you:thanks for the tip

    and then you walk off...

    if they dont answer *could be a bad day, or you approach wrong* [approach like a walmart salesman; a smile, tall and erect, and a good amount of space between the client / target]

    then you should view the blow out as its that person's loss, not mine. there are many more people out there to accept your compliement, and the best thing is when they do you both will feel great!

    What a friend did, was set the AA bar down to complimenting five guys and then build your confidence and then go up to five ug (ugly girls), then five cute girls and finally five hot babes. Once you do this for a month, go and try sarging and see how much your better your game is (always improves the game).

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    Mystery_wannabe Guest

    Default Re: Nooobie needs help

    I would go for cyc (conquer your campus) by Mark Redman. A great book for day game (if you're not a night club guy). I started off with it and I've had success approaching girls in my classes.


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