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    frankdaatank Guest

    Default new town... new wing?

    so I'm moving to a new town in the next month. I work from home and am on the road alot. 26 yrs old. just looking for you guys advice on the best place to meet some new guy friends. usually just hung out with buddies i know. wheres the best place to meet some new peeps to go out with?

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    LondonPaladin Guest


    What do you actually like to do? You should go do that in your new town. Best place to meet new guys. Even if it's hitting bars, then just hit the bars there and talk to guys. If someone is cool then become their friend. That movie I Love You Man is all about trying to make a new best friend in a new town.

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    Ambition Guest


    A website I like is CouchSurfing - Participate in Creating a Better World, One Couch At A Time. It's a website that let's you find random couches to crash on while you travel, which is awesome, but I've met a ton of interesting people through there as well. Check it out.

    Another thing is They have meetup groups for all sorts of activities, and Las Vegas even has one for PUAs!

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    frankdaatank Guest


    the couch surfing looks awesome. where have you been ambition? and anything weird ever come up or meet people just too hook up?

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    Ambition Guest


    Never met anyone just to hook up, though a few of my surfers have hooked up with my friends. But I always meet interesting people. One guy actually came into Las Vegas and stayed with me because he was training to be an NLP instructor. That was actually my first experience with NLP.

    I've personally surfed throughout California and once in Indiana. Indiana was fantastic! There were four of us (two guys at the house, me, and my friend), and every night we'd all go out to downtown Indy and party. We met a lot of girls that week! Great time!

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