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    DH1987 Guest

    Default Girl at work, help me out here?

    Hello all! I am new to this forum. I do not necessarily want to become a Pick-Up Artist, but I would just like some general advice on this chick I know at work. I've read some of the pick-up theories, and some of David DeAngelo's "Double Your Dating". I figured PUA's, who are experienced at reading women, would be able to do help me out best. I am totally clueless on this girl. xD

    I think she's very cute, and I really like her a lot. But in our conversations she says some weird things. I'll give some examples of some conversations I've had with her tonight:

    Her: "Have I ever told you that you have creepy eyes?"
    Me: "........Wow, thanks a lot? (Sarcasm with a hint of playfulness)"
    Her: "No no no! I'm not trying to be mean. I mean, your eyes are pretty! But...creepy in a way. It's really cool. I wish I had creepy eyes."
    Me: "..." (Confused)
    Her: "What? I mean it!"
    (Ended because of customers approaching)

    Now, last time I checked, "Creepy" does NOT mean "cool, attractive, pretty", or ANYTHING that has a remotely positive connotation. WTF? Was this a failed attempt at a neg, and she didn't have the guts to follow through with it?


    Her: (Spontaneously pushes an item onto me as I am bagging groceries on the other end)
    Me: (Amused look) "...Okay?"
    Her: "Hahaha! You're so calm about everything. I hate it..."
    Me: "Yeah. That's the way I am."
    Customer overhearing our conversation: "That's a good thing!"
    Girl: "Yeah...yeah it is."
    Me: (Confused again) "You're a strange girl..."

    She hates how I'm so calm, yet acknowledges it as a good quality? Could this be because I am hard to read (I haven't been very responsive), and she would like to be able to read me better?

    Her: (Looking frustrated/bored, I'm talking to someone else for a bit then switch attention to her)
    Me: "What's the matter with you?"
    Her: "Sometimes I wish I were the only person in the world...I think it would be pretty cool."
    Me: "Have you seen the movie "I Am Legend"? It wouldn't be so cool."
    Her: "Haha! Nah, I wouldn't wanna be stuck with a bunch of zombies, I would just like to be the only person in the world..."
    Me: "Yeah, do you remember Will Smith talking to himself, because he had nobody else to talk to? That would be pretty boring, don't you think?"
    Her: "Hmm...maybe I'd bring along a long as he does what I tell him...(laughs)"
    Me: "Haha! Good luck with that one!"
    (Ended because of customers approaching)

    Now, I think this was just an example of vibing, but could her last sentence carry any kind of meaning? Maybe that was a sign that she's fed up with her past relationships (of course, I won't be the guy that does everything she says!) and is looking for someone?

    I remember about a week ago she also made me smell a fake flower which I guess she found on the floor - she came out of nowhere and stuck it in my face - literally. "Hey Dave, smell this rose!" I replied with "...I don't smell anything." She said, "You don't smell it? Smell deeper." I take a deeper breath, still smell nothing. "It stinks, right?" I say, "No...haha, what are you smoking?" She then goes to other girls, make them smell it, talks to them for a bit, then comes back to me and asks me to wear it "because it looks good on a guy". I playfully refused about a hundred times before she finally gave up, because wearing roses is simply not my style. On top of that, why would I want to wear a dirty rose? She also playfully glares at me, calling me "evil" for not accepting it.

    One last thing, there was a time where she asked me on my opinion of changing her hair color. I told her that I liked her hair the way it was, and I wouldn't change it. That was the only time I've verbally shown a mild level of interest. She thanked me for the compliment, but I had to get back to work before I could continue the conversation.

    I think these are things that a girl would do if she were trying to get attention from a guy. Maybe she didn't really know any other ways to do so except what I've listed above. As for body language, there is often strong eye contact between us, but no touching. It is work, after all, I can't just go up to her and start feeling on her in front of a bunch of co-workers/customers/supervisors. I also can't seem to find any opportunities to Isolate her.

    Also, I don't know if this is relevant information or not, but she's barely 18 years old. Probably younger than most of the girls you all deal with. If I had to judge her on physical looks I would say she's about 8/10.

    Help me please...? Any input is appreciated.
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    LondonPaladin Guest


    It sounds like you need to work on your calibration big time bro. You seem to take everything she does the wrong way and react in a wrong way. You take her little jokes as insults and you glare at her. That is creepy. You really should focus your game on cold approach before you start messing around at work. You could lose your job etc over just one girl. Until you have done 2ooo approaches, stay away from your social/work circle. It's ALWAYS a bad idea.

    It does sound like she is into you. But you seem to be focused on negging her and saying that she doesn't flirt properly. Once you talk to tons of women, this stuff will become automatic.

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    DH1987 Guest


    Thanks for the tips, man. I'm pretty inexperienced at this stuff, I guess you already saw that. I don't wanna sound like I'm taking everything as insults, I'm just being playful. I didn't really mean to post that I glare at her either (I just edited that in my post), I give her a kind of smile, more of an amused look, rather than a glare. I also think you're right that I shouldn't be fooling around in my workplace. If the relationship screws up, then I pretty much gotta quit and find a new one, which I guess wouldn't be too easy to do in this economy!

    Again, thanks for the tips.

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    Ambition Guest


    It sounds like you already have a rapport with her, which is the first steps of pickup. All pickup really is is how to formulate a conversation to create comfort. As a coworker, it sounds like you've already done that. You're a critical point, where you can turn this into something or get stuck as a friend (LJBF).

    You have two options.

    1) Play the game. Take your conversation to the next level next time and flirt. Give her a neg, then smile and move onto some sort of dhv. But I'm not the best person for work pickups, so your next option is...

    2) Go the traditional route. Have one of your normal conversations, and somewhere in there, with confidence, let her know you're going to "Social Function X" at "whatever time and date it is" and that you'd like her to join you. A tip, start off talking about "Social Function X" with her and tell her how much you enjoy it. Then include the phrase "You would Social Function X". Then go into your statement. Be sure you're not asking for her or setting up a time. Set up a time and a date and an event and then invite her to join you. Note the difference.

    Hope that helps. field report!

    If she says yes, you're golden. If she says no but offers a counter, tell her you'll think about it. If she says no and no counter, avoid and neg her for a day, go back to normal for two weeks, and then do the same thing with a different social function. If she says no with no counter again, this one's done.

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