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    BigmanTC Guest

    Exclamation Attacting the wrong girls...

    So I have been applying the principals to any and all women/girls(im 18) I meet to get as much practice as possible. Ive been receiving AMAZING response...I am a true beliver of PUA technique...however I am attracting a terrible percentage of "ugly" "fat" women/girls. Is this normal? I am overweight myself, but I also get some rather pretty/hot girls as well. But my ratio is prolly 10/1 positive response with the ugly/pretty girl ratio.

    So my question is this. What should i do to show the less fortunate girls that I am no interested. I am a "nice guy" thats why i started the PUA tools because i was getting lots of "friendships" and very little "attention", and so its hard for me to blow off a "less fortunate girl".

    Sargeing in the mall can be HILLARIOUS!
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    Ambition Guest


    I've heard of a lot of guys having this problem, and I think I've figured it out.

    The natural thing for most "nice" guys to do when they like a girl is bombard her with questions, compliments, date requests, etc. And we all know the result of that.

    The natural thing for most "nice" guys to do when they meet a girl and do not like her (and the non HB's often fall into this) is to be friendly and polite, but distant. You avoid their advances, you tease them a little to get them off your back, you sound busy so they get the hint that you don't want to go out with them, etc.

    Now look at those two examples, and apply The Game to it. Without realizing it, most "nice" guys are masters of the game with women they are not interested in. You are acting uninterested, preoccupied, you neg them, you appear to have other things going on in your life, etc. This is the foundation for why I hear so many nice guys say that they never get the girl they're attracted to and the girls they aren't attracted to are always attracted to them.

    As you progress in the game, you'll probably find this happens a little more. You have a natural tendency to attract those types of women, and as your skills with women in general grow, those skills will grow too.

    My advice is to get to know these women anyways. They'll be a good way for you to practice the game, and they will make you more comfortable around women in general. Test out new ideas and gauge their reactions. Let me know how it works out for you!

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    BigmanTC Guest


    Ok, BIG PROBLEM with one of the many girls who I used The Game on....
    She just posted on her myspace status "find someone new love him he is so awsome i wish i could have tony hehehaha"

    WTF DO I DO!
    I need to let her down REALLY easy...

    TC is my Initials T is for Tony.

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    BigmanTC Guest


    I think there should be some sort of warning labels on this stuff...

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    You actually have hit on a point that is quite relevant for a lot of us guys who are masters of the game. Your next challenge is not how to get girls to like you, but how to manage multiple girls who all want to be exclusive and still be honest with them.

    Another future challenge for you is that you will have so many options with women, it will be easy to qualify women and move them into the friends category yourself... which is tough because girls are not used to being in that category unless it is their own accord.

    You will see them begin to act like you did when you were not good with women (some say AFC) and you will see how everything they do to try to get you back works against them (just like you probably did when you were trying to win a girl back).

    With all that.. trust me, it is a good problem to have.

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