I think this can work for pretty much anyone... And I kinda found out about it on accident.

I give guitar lessons, and in an attempt to legitimize my business I had some cards made. I keep them on me and happened to run into a situation where neither I not the girl had our phones on us at a club.

Light bulb went off and I figured why not give her my card.

Me: here... This is for you, you better use it (wink)
Her: (reading card) watch out Mr. Professional, ok I definitely will

We parted ways and the next day I got a txt... "so how about those guitar lessons"

This is when I realized... These cards can be an opener/dhv/Number Close all in one!

Since then I have been approaching women simply saying "where have you been all my life? This is for you... You better use it (wink), have a nice day"

About 80 percent txt me back... Those are pretty good numbers for such little effort IMHO.

Now I understand that not everyone plays guitar... But business cards can be very vague. Are you in shape?.. Personal trainer. Are you good at anything?... That.

I got 250 of these bad boys for 35 bucks at www.vistaprint.com. They let you personalize the hell out of them so go ahead and give yourself a nickname or whatever.

Happy hunting!