Hi, im pretty young (still not old enough to drink) and not necessarily looking to become a pua, but i would like to be more skilled when it comes to flirting/interacting with women.

Theres this girl ('X') in my biology which I kind of like. I would, and most people would probably consider her a HB 8 but she is really shy and only hangs out with her 'beta' group (the nerd/geek clique in school i guess). However, there is this other girl in my class who I would say is my best female friend in school. She is close to best friends with X and while I'm on good friend terms with both these girls, I feel uncomfortable flirting with X more.

To give you a rough idea of how shy this girl is, my (male) friend said she has severe anxiety/self confidence issues and when one guy she didnt like gave her a box of chocolates on valentines as a romantic gesture, she hyperventilated, srs. I consider myself to be much more 'of value' than this guy and I have a strong suspicion X likes me as well; however, IOIs are hard to come by.

ANy tips to escalate our realtionship? I want to ask her to the school ball (equivalent of US prom) in 2-3 months. Thanks all