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Thread: Ways of Improving Banter/Flirting/Conversation

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    Post Ways of Improving Banter/Flirting/Conversation


    A while back I realized that even If I'm very confident in my approach, and have good body language, it's all for naught if nothing interesting/engaging/witty/sexy comes out of my mouth. I mostly get stuck in boring/polite conversation. So here is how I'm trying to improve my conversation skills, please let me know If I could be doing anything different

    1) I realized that due to some reasons/problems in my life...I'm not a very happy person right now. I used to be more fun/outgoing, so I'm trying to get back to that point by smiling more, making jokes with customers, trying witty responses and just being nicer. Good news is that...It's working

    2) I realized that my biggest problem comes from not having any conversation material. I don't watch any TV and my jokes are mostly inside jokes I have with my friends. So I need to watch some comedy to get some material/ideas and start building my base (so to speak). I think "Brand X with Russell Brand" is really good, and the guy shows good ways to neg the ladies in a funny way. Ex "I'm going to sit with you, you look like a gorgeous, sexy chair"

    Again, I am looking to the community for advice/critique away
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    Default Re: Ways of Improving Banter/Flirting/Conversation

    Take that polite whining voice inside of you, let the devil inside of you beat him an inch from his life put him on life support for when he is needed, and go out stop worrying about what you say so much as how you say it. Likewise don't worry about what she responds so much as how she responds.

    There is a differance between "Please! Don't! Stop!" And "Please, don't stop"
    Learn to be a better person not a better player.

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