Here are somethings that I wish people told me when I first started

• play to win. Not to not lose - you play to not lose you don't take chances. You don't aproach as much and you won't push your limits

•Don't think - when your approaching don't clutter your mind with shit. Be calm, assume atttaction. The worst thing you can do is to over think and get stuck in your head from there its game over. Might as well call it a nite. Analyze your game at the end of the nite not while you're gaming.

•the bread and butter of game is....being a cool chill guy - think eckart tolle mixed in with tucker max. Be self amused with all your interactions. Becuz of the state of law transfer others will feed of your fun vibe and have fun themselves.

• eyes contact is key, if you believe you are enough - if intense eye contact isn't working its probs cuz ur innner game is shit. Women can sense wether or not your a chill guy or complete chode through ur eye contact. If your eye contact isn't building attraction you need more inner game.

•all the negs, the attention grabbing oppeners are for stunners not for that HB8 you see walking from biomed.