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Ok, update.

She kept responding to my texts in hours long increments, I eventually told her to hit me up when she wants to hang out. She said that she was free next week between classes so I told her to name a time and day.

She said Monday after 8, BUT, she said that her friend and my wingman should come. I said okay obviously and set it for 8:33 and she laughed. We're going out for ice cream.

How should I handle this? It is not going to be one on one and it will be hard to Isolate her. Also it's monday night on a school night so inviting her back to my place might not be an option. Should I just tell dhv stories and build attraction?
I would have asked her when her classes were, and then given a time that she wouldn't be in class, or found a different way to phrase it other than "name a time and a day". Makes you seem way too available to her.

Also the "Hit me up when she wants to hang out" doesn't seem like a great move either, that may just be my opinion. Same as above, it gives her way too much power over when you guys will meet up. I'm not a big fan of the whole power games thing, but those seem a little too soft to me.

To be honest this girl seems like the kind who thinks she's hot stuff. I would stop texting her, at least for a while. Hit her up randomly a few times and see where that goes, but honestly I think it is better to proceed with other options at this point.