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    Ravencroft Guest

    Default Kino ideas for when you meet her

    I thought a nice, socially-acceptable initial Kino would be the classic move of taking the woman's hand and kissing it. It's important that when you present your hand, to keep eye-contact with the woman, because looking down at your hands would be another way of "asking permission", per se.

    Does this send the right messages, though? Is it somehow too supplicating?

    And now, here's one that I thought of to get the woman touching you: when it comes time to retrieve her email, take out a pen, search around for a piece of paper, and then give her your forearm so that she can write her email on there, because you're conveniently missing paper.

    This is another one I don't know about. Body marking is a sign of ownership over the body, and maybe I'm reading far too much into things, but would that send the signal of some sort of supplication as well?

    If these work, I think they'd be great ideas.

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    Ambition Guest


    I like the writing of the number on the arm. I'd like to test it in the field. It seems like it would work well as a kino test or even an ioi, and since you should stick around and try to kiss close even after the Number Close, this would work well. My only concern is, once you have an HB's number literally on your arm, your sarging abilities are over for the rest of the night. No other woman will touch you if you have a number on your arm.

    Let me know how it works out. If I get a chance, I might try this one too.

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    russruggles Guest


    Creative ideas. Isn't writing down numbers and e-mails kind of over, though? Don't you usually just type into your phone?

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    Ambition Guest


    Ya, I agree that most people will write numbers in their phone, but there's something very satisfying about a girl handing you a piece of paper or a napkin or writing her number on your arm. If you're talking to a chick and you want her number, don't even bring up your phone or bring it out. Hand her a piece of paper or give her your arm. There's so much more of a connection there.

    And if you do use your phone, have her put it in. If she actually does the work rather than just telling you, she's going to be more interested.

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    russruggles Guest


    I was just thinking that it might be a transparent tactic to get her to write it on your arm - but if she brings up the phone idea, I suppose you could just try a "you're smarter than I thought," neg or something. I like the idea of giving her your phone to type the number in!

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