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    BigmanTC Guest

    Default Girl im 99% is intrested but has a boyfriend...

    Ok, Theres this girl that keeps throwing me a gazillion ioi's at a time cutsie smiles, wrists, hair fliping, stupid ammounts of eye contact. (god i hope im reading her right). She is in a long standing relation ship...How should i tackle this. I'be been reading on the basics (body language mostly) so there is no way I can handle this myself I need a veteran who can help me a bit. Thanks.

    My confidence is still lacking, but im starting to make headway. This is yet another reason i could use some help. She is potential GF material. Super funny, Super attractive, Super sweet. Great convo's.

    I'm thinking some more IOI's to her, then perhaps some friendly Kino, untill she in comfortable and so am I. Then asking for a "friend date" to move forward with sightly more aggressive kino ect..
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    Ambition Guest


    My personal favorite line when a girl says she has a boyfriend:
    Girl: I have a boyfriend
    You: That's cool. I have a goldfish
    Girl: Um, what?
    You: I'm sorry. I thought we were talking about shit that doesn't matter

    Be careful when dealing with a chick that has a boyfriend. If she's giving you ioi's, she's showing you a bit of her character in how she deals with boyfriends. If you two are dating, you will not be treated differently than he is. However, if you still want to pursue it, do as you normally would, but accept the consequences if the guy gets angry.

    Good luck!

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    Joker Guest

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    BigmanTC Guest

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    Joker Guest


    "You: I'm sorry. I thought we were talking about Sh1t that doesn't matter"

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    infamous Guest

    Default Re: Girl im 99% is intrested but has a boyfriend...

    I kinda have the same prob except my target who is an ex co wrker, and has already developed some Kino on both sides as well as ioi's on both ends. So basically we're both attracted to each other and are interested but both are currently dating sumone else and she says she has a bf only to show her smut defense. Other than that, she has already returned once b4 to c me, and even b4 that has told me about her havin the house all to herself on certain dates and times. Now my problem is, how can I get her to drop the smut defense and slowly move myself up to gettin those panties off or at least gettin my invite to the house or first friendly date?

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