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    Ambition Guest

    Default Helpless Hannah Technique - Need Advice

    I'm reading a book right now called "The Art of Mingling," which is teaching me a few new techniques on mingling. One technique they had is called the "Helpless Hannah" technique. The concept is that you ask several people in the party for a favor, just a quick one, and they report back to you throughout the evening.

    The favors were simple. To one person, the author would walk up to someone and say "Excuse me. I'm trying to avoid someone at this party, but I can't tell you who it is. It's a long story. Is there any way if, when I signal you (makes up signal), you can come over and keep me company, just for a moment?"

    Then to another person she'd say "I heard that someone at this party (club, bar, etc.) was in a movie, but I'm not sure who. Do you know who? Well, do you mind keeping your ears open, and if you hear anything please let me know."

    And then a few other "favors" from people too. The goal is that if you send enough random people out into the crowd to do you a favor, some of them will report back to you throughout the night. This gives off the appearance to others that you are alpha, as random strangers are walking up to you to check in every few minutes.

    My question is, how can this be applied to PUA? What types of favors could be asked of people? Would this work in all venues? I'm trying to refine this a little before I Field Test it, and wanted to get some feedback. Thanks folks!

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    Ravencroft Guest


    First off, thank you for your input in my thread. I'll definitely share my field report with you when I do get around to trying it.

    Anyway, I looked up this book on Google, and read the section on "Helpless Hannah." Very interesting stuff. Surprisingly, it was written by a woman!

    I think it would prove useful as long as you aren't planning to game the actual girls that you ask these favors of (I'm sure you realize this, but not everyone reading this thread might be familiar with social proof).

    As social proof alone? Great ideas.

    My favorite version of the technique is getting someone to "protect" me from someone else. For example, after my opener, I'll say, "Listen. There's someone here I'm desperately trying to avoid---I can't tell you who it is--- but you'd be doing me a big favor if when you see me doing this," and I show them some subtle hand or eye signal, "you'd just come over and check up on me if you can." Naturally, people want to know who it is and why I am avoiding them. I won't be able to tell them, of course, having made the whole thing up, but it makes for great conversation. Also, usually what happens is that the person or people will keep checking up on me to see if I need protection even if I don't give the singal (which I usually don't). If you tell a few different sets of people this story, you can get a big rush all evening, and everyone will wonder what your secret power is.


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