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    Livedrumming1234 Guest

    Default What should i do with this girl???

    I just number closed a chick walking out of one of my classes at college...problem is right after she put her number in she admitted to having a boyfriend! But as we were parting ways she said dont let that interfere with me contacting her...i just # closed her today which is thursday...should i call her or text her to do something or does anyone have any suggestions????

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    BigmanTC Guest


    Well, I am new to the game, but from my knowledge. Which is vast (I've been reading like 3 books silmotaniously while reading another book soley on body language. I have a very good memory with the ability to multi task.) I would go ahead and persue. There is nothing wrong with chatting her up, perhaps even hooking up. But remember if she will cheat on this guy. What makes you different?

    She is obvisouly interested, the fact she gave you her number in the first place along with a blunt "Don't let the fact i have a boyfriend stop you". I would say your golden. Since she has a boyfriend a "We can have fun together but i'm not looking for a relationship, and i'm not a jealous type." might allow her to date you, while at the same time knowing your only friends with benefits. As well as your not going to freak out some day and tell her boyfriend whats going on.

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    PUA JOMS Guest


    important question, is the bf on the same school or same town?

    if so.....
    don´t call her today (friday)... txt her late today... ask her to meet up tomorrow (saturday)...

    one thing that might be cool, to steal fer from her bf for a couple of hours... ask her to do something on sunday nightm grab a bit of something while the bf is watching snf!

    if not...

    call her to ask her what shes going to do... tell her your plans (she will ask) and just say something like...¨hey i think you should come out with me tonight to....(whatever place you plan on going tonight) its fun bla bla bla etc... if she says no.. dont call her saturday, but contact her by txt msg sunday afternoon enquiring about her weekend what she did saturday, what she did friday bla bla bla... just that.. no invites no nothing,... do that later on the week, maybe tuesday, wednesday or thursday...

    try to have days in between when you ask her out... 1 or 2 days (2 is more effective)


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