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    PUA JOMS Guest

    Default Best way to game is when acting natural?

    Hey guys...

    heres something that just caught my eye last week...

    i went out with a bunch of friends (mostly girls and two other guys) to happy hour afterwork...

    i arrived late, when everyone was at their 3rd or 4th round.... i just went in and sat in the table and just started talking... talking about funny shit, funny stories, asking hypotetical questions to everyone, suddenly i found myself dominating the whole conversation and thought ¨hey im doing this without thinking of it, im in game right know¨ as i talked more and more girls started to see me as a fun social guy... all of the sudden while i was ordering a drink at the bar one girl approaches me, started to talk to me rubbing my leg with her hand... we continue to talk, went back to the table and i kept the conversation with all the peeps, mastering it.. we all moved to another bar and i sat next to another girl i did the same thing... talk talk talk, ask ask ask... suddenly the girl next to me starts rubbing my leg, and she said, lets go have a few drinks at my place.... the rest its history!!

    the point here is... the mastering of pua is making it flow natural to you.. if you think too much of it, youll fail... you have to adapt your game to yourself not yourself to the game.. you have to complement each other.

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    DH1987 Guest


    I really like this idea, man...but I don't think everyone can do it. What if you aren't naturally funny? What if you don't naturally have the ability to carry good conversations with people? In my experience, "being yourself" only works if "yourself" is a funny, sociable guy who everyone wants to be with. I think that's why "game theory" was developed - for those who aren't naturally funny or sociable, and needs training wheels or guidelines to live by until they actually adapt those rules to themselves and it becomes a part of them.

    Of course, I could be wrong...but even when I'm feeling good, I still struggle trying to socialize with people. It seems that I never have anything worth hearing - no stories to tell, nothing funny to say - so I try to get them to talk to me about them, and even then it only goes so far. I don't think I'm a stupid guy, I guess I just have problems relating to people in general. And that's why I'm trying to study the dynamics of attraction and conversation. Dale Carnegie in "How to Win Friends and Influence People" insists that the best way to get people to like you is to stay interested in them, and ask questions about them. But if you have nothing to add to their answers, it's going to come off more like an interview than a friendly conversation.

    And I wonder if it's even about skills - maybe it's about your lifestyle. If your life is dull and uninteresting, your conversations are likely to be dull and uninteresting...corr ect? I'm quite certain nobody wants to hear about my routine day at work, hear about my latest grades on my Trigonometry test, or the shit-talking asshole I completely dominated in Warcraft III, since nobody would understand what the hell I'm talking about, anyway.

    So, perhaps the ultimate solution is to just get an interesting life, and do more things that people can understand and relate to. Of course, easier said than done...but I am also working on that, too.
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    DH1987 Guest


    Yesterday, I continued to think about this post, and realized how effective it was. I decided that I would go into work yesterday and take on a completely different attitude. No, this wasn't going to be another day at work. It wasn't going to be an attempt at improving social skills or confidence. It wasn't even going to be an attempt to pick up girls. My goal for today was to simply have as much fun as I possibly could at work. It really does make ALL the difference! With this new Mindset, I became a completely different person, and I even surprised myself with the stuff that I said in the middle of social interactions. I wasn't sexually attracted to anyone I spoke with, but the fact remains that I was able to make conversations more enjoyable.

    Example: I'm just getting back from break at work.
    Co-worker: (Jokingly) "Hey, where were you? I had alcohol!" (To scan)
    Me: "Me too, man! Every day!"
    Co-worker: "Hahaha!"

    Another example: I hear one of my female co-workers talking to someone else.
    Co-worker: "Did I ever tell you the story where I had a screw driver stuck in my ear?"
    Me: (Chiming in spontaneously) "I always knew you had some screws loose."
    Her: "HAHAHA! Yeah, and I was trying to tighten them! Hahaha!"
    (I'm not trying to sexually attract her, just having fun)

    These are dramatic improvements over what I used to be like with my other mindsets. From now on, when I go to any social situation, my main goal is to have fun - it seems to open me up more favorably. If anyone else is having problems interacting, maybe you too should also try this out. OP, your post may have changed my life. Good stuff man!

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    PUA JOMS Guest


    I really like what I read.

    Dude it all of this Mindset change happened to me a couple of years months ago.. i will be waiting for friday night to come, dress all nice (always dress nice and wear something unique, socks, shoes, watch, whatever) and when i went into a club and at 2am i saw my watch and there were no girls around i ill be pissed and somehow depressed, and all of this because i was trying to hard and my targets were good looking girls but somehow bitches aswell.

    So, instead of thinking like that I just said to myself: ¨Dude you´re going out, spendeing money, dressing nice, but you go out and have a terrible time out there¨ and I just decided tu put and end to it and enjoy my life as much as i could and have fun, nevertheless without stopping thinking about girls.... I think I can phrase this whole thing into this ¨ Just have fun¨ if you go out sarging and dont have fun while you do it, youll be depressed or pissed if no one looks back at you.

    DH, trust me keep having fun at work, at home, at bars and two things will happened. 1- People will like you more and more, cuz you are you, you are having always a great time and you dont give a fuck, this will lead to social proof. 2- Girls love this, and youll develop skills more often..

    One more tip.... read the news, read the news and again read the news and gossips of your country or town. A good way, never fails, to open up a set or start talking to a girl is something like this ¨Hey everyone, did anybody watch the news yesterday? there was this funny news that.... bla bla bla bla¨ and then ask something like what would you have done if that happened to you? and the conversation will flow like never before. Personal strategy tip my friend.


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