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    Default Will a PUA approach work on a girl who rejected you

    Hi Guys,

    I've recently been introduced to PUA techniques, have read the Game and some Ross Jeffries techniques. I hope you can help me out with this one:

    Some time ago I made a move at a girl from work I really liked. I didnt know anything about PUA strategies etc back then so I did not really have a strategy. As my expectations prior to the move where high, my self confidence was low and my approach was kind of lime like a good friend. This girl made the initial contact with me, after we only knew each others names, which triggered my interest. Our relationship became better, with laughs back and forth but after my attraction to her grew, I became more nervous about screwing stuff up by making a strategical mistake, thus I became more quite which resulted in some awkwardness between us, which I interpreted as no interest from her side, which shattered my confidence even more, so a downward spiral.

    After a while things got better and I convinced myself to confess her my feelings, which I did in person. My approach was, looking back know, too dramatic like I was about to tell her something terrible and shocking. So no surprise she responded confused and suprised by telling me she was flattered but only considered me to be a friendly colleague. After this, I did not really speak to her that much.

    A male friend from work, whom I told this story first introduced me with anchoring. He said that he wanted to help me out by asking her about expectations in relationships and what attracts her in men and Anchor that feeling to me by bringing me up in the conversation. After he did, he said that that doesn't really work cause I did not perform that technique on her myself. He did say that, even though she is kind of closed and shy when attracted to men and doesn't really know what she wants (though she wants a boyfriend after being single now for a couple of years), she was open to the NLP technique.

    After all this, she quit her job to continue her studies in another city. A friend of mine, who was more experienced with PUA techniques introduced me to the Game etc and we sarged a couple of times with techniques from Syle, Mystery and Jeffries. i was surprised that, even for a PUA rookie like me, I saw results.

    Later I also moved to another city to switch studies and surprisingly I recently found out the girl mentioned is studying in the same city and even lives quite close to me. I saw her a couple of times from distance in my neighborhood and realized I still have some feelings for her.

    So my question is whether a PUA approach also works when a girl rejected you in the past... So any recommendations on what strategy to use? My objective is not just getting her in the sack, if that has any effect on what technique to use.

    Hope you can recommend me some stuff


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    It's generally difficult to recover from something like that, but your situation sounds like one of the exceptions. If you have spent significant time away from her, without contact, it is almost like starting over. You will likely need to demonstrate some higher value around her before making a play because she will be a little leery of you. In this particular scenario, I would really work on forcing her into the persuing role as quickly as possible. That means making yourself a person of much higher value than her, and then forcing her to demonstrate that she is worthy of your time. Clearly that means you will need to generate some mutual attraction, to get her interested. All this stuff should sound pretty familiar to you, since you have been looking into PUA stuff, so yes, it can work in a situation like this.

    A pitfall that I have fallen into before:
    Be careful, because she may try to bait you into throwing yourself at her, to test you (she wants to know that you aren't going to become needy as soon as she shows real interest). If she is really flirtatious, don't go in immediately, but chide her for being such a flirt (obviously in a very friendly, joking manner).
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