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    jamesb Guest

    Default Regaining control?

    Hey all,
    I'm a self-professed 27 yr old PUA. I've done pretty well over the last 10 years or so with women but recently... my skills have taken on a different meaning... I, dare I say it have started to look at a particular girl in a different light eeek

    All joking aside, basically met a chick in a club, got chatting, her number, kissed her etc... she was really into me - started off text-flirting and seeing her out etc and I actually did meet her twice for a couple of dates...

    Problem starts here: I wasn't too pushed on her at all, but I heard through a friend that since I wasn't making much effort she started looking for another guys number, I text her something like "oh heard you're after Mike hahah you player!" she was like "no no i like you! i think you're a really cool guy". Get this guys, I was gaming with her, i didnt even start to care that much UNTIL I heard she was after some other dudes number! She works in the club and I cant do anything behind her back at all - I dont want to but she got paranoid last week when this other chick started flirting with me and naturally i started flirting back... she got pist and i had to smooth things out over a call and through texts...

    We met in the same club Saturday night and I gave her all my attention - didnt flirt with any other chicks and we ended up together at the end of the night which was actually pretty cool...

    The main prob: Basically I started to actually really like her from Saturday night onwards... I realised I genuinely did - didn't leave it too late or anything but just my eyes were opened as such. I text her on Sunday and was really bubbly and like full on (same way I was Sat night, telling her i really liked her etc - making a really really really strong effort)... she replied but was very blasť about the whole thing. Last night I text her and she didnt reply...
    Today, Monday - she never messaged me at all... I didnt send anything to her but this is the thing - its absolutely driving me crazy now! I really do like her, want her like totally want this chick and she has complete and utter control - I don't even know if shes that interested anymore (even though we're meant to be going to the Zoo sometime this week) I NEED to take back some/THE control...

    Any ideas? How can I get her to chase me again - thats the whole story - thanks everyone.

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    Lucky Charms Guest


    I would suggest that you focus more on yourself and worry less about impressing her..if you maintain your self-confidence she will sense that and want to be around you. First question: Did you seal teh deal with her that night? What exactly do you mean you were with her at the end of the night?

    You wasted too much time with her. You have to set a time limit for an exit at some point because if you don't she will think you are available to her whenever she wants. Never give the girl all your attention at first it maks you look like an easy target.

    I would suggest going back to the same club (I'm guessing she is a regular there) and

    a: do some light flirting with girls that are visible to her. The girls could be girls that you just meet on that night. Keep it light...nothing too hot and heavy.

    b: you could bring some attractive female friends and do some light flirting with them. If she sees that you are in charge of the situation and have other options readily available she will be more eager to talk to you. The key is making yourself look like a hot commodity who does need to be validated by one woman. Because right now she knows that she has you.

    When you doing the flirting wih the other girls, excuse youself for a moment and walk past her area in a path heading away from her(bathroom, bar, etc). Pretend like you dont notice her. Then on your way back I would also avoid eye contact but look in that direction with your peripheral vision but dont make direct eye contact. Then as the night goes by she will probably make an attempt to come and talk to you. But it all depends on how in charge and confident you look while you're with the other girls and other people. You have to hide that you have any intentions of being with her in any way.

    Hope this helps.

    Lucky Charms

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    jamesb Guest


    hey lucky_charms,

    thanks for the reply. Yeah you're totally right and believe it or not - last week that's exactly what I did and she was all over me etc but I lost it on Saturday gone - I only kissed her, we were in my car and chatted etc etc... what do you mean by an exit point? Or putting a time on it etc?

    Besides that - is there any way of making her chase me other than the club idea because thats basically what I did last week and it work but then I let it go on Saturday by chasing her again?
    Thanks again

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