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    Livedrumming1234 Guest

    Default This is a ridiculous situation

    I just #closed a HB8 a week ago (at a college of 6500 plus people) with a bf but now she wont stop texting and wants to hang out... 4 days later I #close another hb8 that now wants to hang as well

    But heres the catchhhh...i found out they are from the same town!!! (which is out of town) and know each other but are enemies. One girl saw me talking with the other (so random to do at this school) and she asked if the other one was hittin on me, now both these girls talk terrible about each other to me...They are real cute and I wanna know if i should go for the goal and hook up with both.

    Is there a way of getting both without them finding out?

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    RokStarz Guest


    This is the absolute perfect situation for you. Closing both will be simple as they are both competing for you. And don't worry about them finding out, if you close one and the other does find out - she will want you that much more. Remember, girls operate off of social proof so even though they do not like each other, they want what the other has.

    Go get em.

    Then I want to hear all about it in the field report section!!!!

    Bonus points if you can pull a 3 way...

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    Ambition Guest


    Ya, I'm thinking you have this one in the bag. field report please!

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    ragman Guest


    That's actually great!

    You have both of doesn't mateer even if they know each other, if things work, they work or else they screw up

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