Hello, hello.
Everyone has their own journey as a PUA. I'm all about inner game, and being clear with my intent. I.E., being direct as fuck.

I get a super high thrill whenever I encounter a "block", and I get that twist in my stomach, and I feel anxious. I love that feeling. That is the feeling of getting out of your comfort zone.

I will list some Openers that I've done to get out of my comfort zone, and they progressed my game amazingly. The more ballsy your opener, the easier time you have escalating the conversation.

The Claw:
By RSD Nation, this opener is a physical opener. Pretty much you just grab the girls arm right below her wrist, and you pull her in. You have to be confident with this opener, because if you hesitate, it becomes creepy..

Massage Opener:
Got this from Simple Pickup, simply just going up to women and giving them massages. Its a lot of fun.

Gangam Style Opener:
Doing the gangam style dance as you approach the girl, and then scream "GANGAM STYLE!" as your actual verbal opener.

The "twirl":
When you shake her hand, you lift it up, and twirl her, then bring her in. This is slightly after the opener, but it works wonders

The Kiss Opener:
Pretty much going for the K-close in the first 10 seconds. This takes a lot of balls to do, but its very well possible if you are calibrated.

Foot Fetish Opener:
Open the girl by commenting on how her feet look amazing, and you have a crazy foot fetish. I've gotten amazing reactions to this opener.

There are many more crazy things ive done in openers, but those are some of the major ones to get out of my comfort zone. If you guys know any that sound completely ridiculous, put em up here, ill try em. Even if its a "dare" and you arnt serious at all, put them up. Even if its something so crazy like taking your clothes off and then approaching, put it up here. Things you joke about.