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    Default How do I get out of this spot?

    Alright so the story goes that my friend (he) has a thing for this girl that already has a BF. I actually did the cube test on a group of people including my friend (him). He asks me to do the Cube test on her. I saw this chick from last week and she's definitely an HB8. Well didn't really communicate her that time because I was sitting at the way end of a group of people. I did tried to engage in a slightly C&F but it was hard to pull it because of my situation of being at the other end. Well either way, she ends up working for some service company that I need help on. She leaves and says that I should get her number from someone to contact her next time. It sounds sort of weird so the group sort of creates an atmosphere where she is sort of a jerk and she ends up explaining herself. So boom she's embarrassed because of me.

    She comes a couple days later to the same gathering area where I am with the friend who is interested in her. She sits down and I try to initiate conversation but shuts me down instantly probably because of the embarrassment from last time. My friend ends up convincing her to take the cube test, and something really bad happens. Her test is really really negative, and I tell all about it. It was weird because I could even see slight watering in her eyes. She ends up having to leave early because she has to take a test, so heads out with my friend to go to class that they are both in. On the way she tries to justify that to my friend that "it's the past" and tries to somewhat explain that I'm a little weird.

    My question is in this situation is there still hope to sarge this chick? And is it really that bad to do the Cube test to early? I'm trying to find out what should've happened and what went wrong. Suggestions?

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    Default Re: How do I get out of this spot?

    I'm not very familiar with routines in general, and that goes for the cube as well. Sounds rather simple though. Were you an ass hole? Sounds like you hurt her feelings. You want routines such as the cube to always be played under a playful context so you don't risk hurting someones feelings.

    Yes, approach her and game her. Don't apologize. As a matter of fact, don't even bring it up. Talk to her like nothing happened. Be fun and flirty and go for her number. Whether you get it or not doesn't matter. Also, be weary of your friend. If he actually likes her, why are you tryna game her too? There are tons of girls out there.

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