First of all, a little about me:
I am just out of college, and I haven't spent much of my life chasing women. I always got along with people just fine, and had plenty of friends, but I always put my classes and work ahead of sexual/romantic relationships. However, I devoured every PUA book and video I could find. I know a lot of theory, and a lot of the PUA stuff comes fairly naturally to me, because I am a bit of an alpha male by nature, and generally very good at reading people and their motives. Now that I am out of college, I want to really start persuing becoming an PUA

Anyway, I knew this babe who is a ten (she also has the confidence and Bitch Shield to go with it), but when I met her, I was in a professional relationship, which could have been badly jeopardized if I had pursued her. After that was over, we parted ways for about a year and I didn't hear from her til about a month ago. She found and messaged me on an online networking site. Since then she commonly has txted, me. We have been txting back and forth for the last month, and it has been extremely flirty on her part, and of course I have tried to generate as many sexual vibes as I can without being too overt, or appearing needy/easily manipulated. She is coming into town next week and has made a point of wanting to hang out with me. After setting something vague up, she has repeatedly txted me to let me know how psyched she is to see me soon. Anyway, my question is this:
She has had a boyfriend for the past three years, but the have been doing a long distance thing. Every time we talk, she is super flirtatious and fairly sexual in her txts and such, but she also makes a point of frequently, subtly, mentioning her boyfriend. I have been very careful about making sure she knows that she can't "keep me on tap", by mentioning other women in my life, blowing her off occasionally, and negging her when she tries to be manipulative, and sometimes not answering her txts. I am confused. Is she interested in me, or not? Most women I have known in the past will either:

A. start mentioning their current boyfriend less as they get more flirtatious
B. given up when they realize that you can't be manipulated into being placed "on tap"
C. get defensive and increasingly withdrawn when I have turned up the sexual heat.

She knows she can't pull off B, and she has quit attempting to be manipulative. She still frequently, but subtlety mentions her boyfriend, and she still flirts with heavy sexual undertones. I was hoping someone might have some advice before I see her in person again, and have to feel out the situation blindly.

Thanks in advance.