The difficulty of getting played by HB's and AFC guys getting lucky
Well for starters most guys at the Club or on the street don't do what we do. I mean I don't see guys actively approaching women there is just not a lot of confident guys enough to approach HB's. But I would say there is a lot of guys with confidence who suddenly have women thrown at them. Shoot even I am confident when I have women all over me and I am not working for it. Most guys who are good with women just have them thrown at them or something. But on the other hand I have seen time and time again women approaching men and facing them with eye contact to get something going. Usually when I see guys with girls they come together or know each other.

So even though there is not a lot of active competition out there in the sense of active PUA's the competition is still fierce because women will make it difficult for a PUA by hitting on other guys. This must give them a self-esteem boost since whenever I hit on a HB and they reject me or run away they hop on another guy right away where as before they were just standing around or something. The times I have been played by women in the Club was when they left me and hopped on another guy, the guy usually didn't come with them. This never happens to me I barely ever get hit on. But when I go out hitting on girls guys will pop up out of the woodworks because the women I'm gaming will make it hard on me by picking up guys. I don't know how many times I have been played by an HB I approached who walked away from me and some guy just walks up and stands there with no opener and looks like a total AFC (but with confidence) then she falls for him and starts talking to him, flirting, etc.

Lucky for me I see all this going down as I get played but I am never the "lucky" guy that gets thrown into the mix when a girl is trying to make another guy jealous. Usually when a girl does this jealousy plot I always lose because I can never pull the girl away from the other guy because she suddenly thinks this other guy and her are "together".

Most of these lucky AFC's don't go out actively approaching since they are getting thrown into the mix of my targets and just happen to be in the right place at the right time and act on it with a little bit of confidence. But the confidence it took me to approach them 3-4 times and finally start getting Alpha usually means nothing to them. They just want their hair pulled or they want to make out hardcore and because I wasn't all up in there they get bored of me.

Most of these AFC guys don't go out like a PUA I almost never meet another PUA. I met my wingman who was doing nothing but having fun in the Club and turned him into a PUA by directing him here and now I see him in the Club always gaming girls LOL.

But other than that I just see guys who just walk up to girls and start dancing with them, then they start making out, then they go around talking. So for most natural guys they just approach with body language for a good grind and pull them, or they are the ones getting approached, or finally they are in a spot where a girl is undecided about me and because I am acting AFC she hooks up with the first guy in sight to get rid of me.

The rejection and the rebound
I have noticed sometimes when I have been rejected I have been able to rebound for pushing through LOL. This one girl literally told me to get lost and pushed me away with a mean face. I made my 3rd approach on her and she was all over me and came about 2 seconds from a full blown make out. Another girl lied to me 3 times. My first approach she told me she was a lesbian (I never believe them because I flipped one of these before) so I didn't buy it and told her I didn't buy it. Later I called her on her B.S. on my 4th approach and she was finally coming around had I stuck in there with just a more solid frame by sticking around with strong body language I would have broken through but she lied to me a 3rd time and told me she was with another guy. I believed her but again she was lying and looked at the guy next to me who was totally aloof and because I cowered away she started talking to him for the first time and he pulled her hair which meant I lost. But essentially I feel like I can almost win every set except for the BF rejection that one I still don't have a rebound for. Usually on my 3rd or 4th approach I either break through or get the shaft by them literally pissed off and that's when I know to really get lost. But so many times I have been rejected on my 1st and 2nd approach but because I stick with it I start getting somewhere around the 3rd or 4th.

This usually doesn't apply to the streets since there are no other guys around a HB can use against me. In most social situations though like a Club or a Beer Festival girls will almost 90% of the time act available. But the next day they will be more prone to bring up the BF thing if they get bored of my texts LOL.