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    Livedrumming1234 Guest

    Default 3 girls (help) They keep asking me stupid questions!

    I am talking with these 3 chicks right now that are all very interested in hooking up and they are def not keeping it a is a 7 two of them are 8s... both the 8s know each other and are enemies (sophomores in college)

    How do i answer questions i dont want to...i keep getting asked does she still text you?, what does she say?, do u like her? i have been ignoring every text like this until THEY send another one changing the subject...i cant keep this up for long

    Can anyone help me out?
    Should i just tell them them stright up to stop and its annoying...

    to one girl in person when she asked i said yea i do like her hahaha...she got soooo pissed i had to walk away

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    Sounds like you are losing control. The fact that other women find you attractive, should be a given. You need to address this straight on. When they ask you, respond with an affirmative yes, like it is the most obvious thing in the world. If they start to get pissy, neg them about being a downer. They may get really pissed, and even leave, but almost for sure, they will be back to prove why they deserve more of your attention.

    Don't ever answer questions about why you like another girl, or what you like about that girl. Either ignore them, or blow them off with jokes.

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    Ambition Guest


    I'm with gunsnglory on this one. Act like it's no big deal and neg them when they think it is. Don't ever get mad or defensive, and if they leave (which they most certainly will....don't worry, they'll be back), don't even worry about it. That's the great thing about dating more than one girl at once; you have too much going on to concern yourself with the insecurities of any single one of them. If you really do want the one that got away back, wait a few days or weeks and give her a call. Act like nothing happened and you just wanted to see what she's up to. If she brings up the reason she's not talking to you or the other girl again, just neg her again. "Wow, that's still on your mind? I'm not sure how I feel about that. Hmm....well, I've gotta go," and be done with the conversation there.

    Just remember that everything you do has to come across as natural for you, and when other's views (women's views) are different than yours, make them feel like their ideas or immature.

    Good luck!

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