So this really happened to me a while back and this is my first attempt to make this into a routine. What do u guys think?

Have you guys ever met someone that u just kind of instantly fell in love with? And then the conditions just weren't right for a relationship?
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So this happened at the end of last year. We went out and one of my friends introduces me to this girl. And for some reason we just immediately hit it off. It was almost scary how fast we clicked. And as the night progressed we started to get more physical. You know? And then she dropped the B-bomb on me. She had a boyfriend and to top things off that was her final year on university. I was just like . Life. U evil bastard!!! So eventually we're outside of the club and we're saying goodbye to each other and I kiss her, now I know what you guys are thinking it was this passionate foreplay kiss, but it wasn't. It was more like a "if things could have just been a little bit different" kiss.

And I just like HATE IT when moments due to circumstances that we can't control slip though our fingers and we just stand there helplessly waving them goodbye.[/color]

Now if you are not on university you can replace that part with something like: "She was just in town for that weekend" or something like that.