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    Dave Guest

    Default Where do I start to become a master PUA?

    Okay, so after a failed attempt last night I was just looking around online and found this site. I'll probably be reading this sh1t all day. My name's Dave and you'll probably see plenty of posts from me in the future.

    My question is where do I start? I'm a good looking guy, I dress nice and I'm smart. I just need to get my game down and learn some techniques. Any good reading material I can start with?

    I'll obviously be using this site as a reference, but I need to start with the basics and I'm confused with all of the techniques and sh1t you guys talk about.

    ALSO - where do I meet some good looking girls? I'm 20 and looking for fun sexual relationships, not necessarily something long-term. The club? Bars? My problem with that is my friends are farking losers and won't go out. They go to the same house every weekend and the same 10 guys and 2 girls are always there. How do I go to the club by myself? haha

    I usually just used school as a place to meet chicks, but I took the semester off and now I'm regretting it.

    Any advice from the pros?

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    Ambition Guest


    First off, read The Game by Neil Strauss. That's the book that really got me to understand this whole thing. You won't really learn too much from it, but believe me, this will be the best foundation you can find. From there, I recommend The Mystery Method, and then follow it up with whatever you'd like. It could be a routines manual, or it could be information on body language and psychology. Whatever you feel is lacking...just be sure you're always improving.

    As for clubs alone, I've had similar problems. Personally, I hate clubs and do not go to them. My game skills come from my ability to talk, so clubs just do not work for that mind set. There's nothing wrong with starting out at small bars or coffee shops. If you see an HB ANYWHERE, you have 3 seconds to talk to her. Never miss an opportunity.

    But if a club is truly where you want to be, just go. Or ask one of the girls in your group if they'd like to go...women are usually more open to it, and a woman is a wonderful wingman. It provides social proof, and you're more comfortable talking to women if you've been talking to one all evening anyways.

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    I was a bit of a PUA'aholic when I first got started, so I have read more theory than many. Ultimately, you will have to read several different styles and then determine what works best for you.

    Here are some books I found helpful. Like everything, it is important to have a good balance of theory and practical skills

    Ambition posted a good starting book to help you understand the dynamics. I would also recommend the Mystery Method: Magic Bullets (Yes it is out dated and overly complicated, but it will help you understand the components of building attraction)

    Natural Game - The System of Being Natural With Women by Gambler
    Make Her Chase You - Your Guide To Creating a Magnetic Personality by Tynan a.k.a. Herbal (Especially good, if you are a little morally uneasy with some of the PUA methods)

    Finally, these last two, are a little different in theory, but I have found that they have some interesting insights, and both have helped me significantly.

    Attraction Formula by Paul Janka

    Finally, you have to practice it!

    You can go to bars, and practice/score. However, break out of the Mindset of going someplace to pick women up. Make it a part of your daily life. One of the best places to score, are grocery stores around 3pm in the middle of the week.
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