Hey guys, i've done a bit of reading recently on openers, and tested them, trying to find some of the best that really work out in the field, especially at busy/loud places like clubs or bars. Not all of them are my own therefore i am not taking credit for them all. Here is a list of a few of them, which i will keep updated as i test more out:

Hey i need an opinon on something. Who lie more, men or women? (follow up with Style's 5 Lies routine)

OMG, did you see the fight outside?

Hey, I need a girls opinion on something. My friend has a girlfriend who is totally jealous of his ex and wants him to delete every memory or her, do you think this is reasonable?

I just got called cute by this girl at the bar. Would you say thats a good thing or bad?

I caught you looking at me earlier, knew you would be too scared to come say hi so i thought iíd do it for you

Hey, i just wanted to test something. I want to find out if you fit the stereotype that all beautiful girls are just looks and have no personality.

You: Hey, are you in the line? HB: Yeah i am. You: Iím sure you pushed in front on me!

Its so ridiculous how girls always get served first, i mean i have boobs just as big as yours and i get blanked! What am i doing wrong?(/tell me your secret!)

Do you think if i come out next time with a stuffed bra and low cut top ill get served instantly or not?

I need your opinion, is how good of a kisser a guy is a big deal or not?

Are you shy? Iíve noticed you looking at me for a while and you havenít even said hi yet.

I need your help to prove my friend that he is totally wrong. Every attractive girl he sees he automatically thinks that she is a bitch and she is stuck up, so as he is too nervous to come ask you himself, i thought i'd ask for him, whats the best way to approach a girl at a place like this and make them attracted to him?

(This is for use in the line at the bar. Tap girl on shoulder and say) You: Hey, do you know that guy over there checking you out? (When she turns around to look, swiftly step infront of her in the queue) HB: hey you pushed infront! You: (in a teasing tone) well you shouldnt be so desperate to get attention from guys checking you out then and pay more attention to getting your drinks! (always gets her laughing or in a playful mood). (if she turns back around and doesnt notice you pushed, and says i cant see anyone checking me out, reply with: Oh, maybe he was checking me out then!)