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    Post Making Small Talk Sexy

    As I mentioned in my intro, I don't lack the confidence to approach a woman, my sticking point is attracting and seducing her through conversation, and in my quest to vastly improve my Conversation/Banter/Verbal Seduction skills , I have stumbled upon this material, that I think is Extremely Good and so I just wanted to share with you all. Basically, this tells a story of how deep rapport can break attraction/seduction and how Banter/small talk is the way to go...

    Make Small Talk Sexy Report

    The point where I realized this material is for me...was when this guy said
    "Is not necesarily that you're scared of the girl rejecting seems that what you're more than likely are scared of is that you're not going going to know what to're not gonna know how to progress the conversation..."
    because that is my problem. I'm very confident, but lack conversation...

    Either way, I am very excited about the possibilities of this new insight and just wanted to share with you all
    My Intro -

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    Default Re: Making Small Talk Sexy

    It goes both ways, as in your thinking you may lack conversation but she as well can be affected equally, just as nervous....both people are human and cant streamline smoothly everything they want to say....shoot look at politicians who are reading off teleprompters LOL

    My key of what I keep in the back of my mind is dont lose your volume of your voice(dont mimic the girls tone either, like awww really?? like seriously?!) and dont talk too fast. Do it right and its like singing a song perfectly on key....should mesmerize her...that is if your talking the right way. You can talk about big bang theory and sound sexy im sorry guys....

    And dont be afraid to engage, to go weapons free i.e taking your safety off what you say. Ive said stuff where initially I think nah thats not good, it sort of sounds rude, fark it...say it..the girl makes the "oh my god I cant believe you said that" type look but then is borderline laughing and typical response is positive and flirty back. You can not put points on the board if you never shoot the ball....and along with that every shot does not have to be a 3 pointer, as long as you get it in the basket.

    I recall an exchange often that shows if you say it confident, but not rudely/raising your voice and if shes normal she'll know your joking or not serious and retort back in a similar manner as you did i.e flirting. I one time blatantly told this girl something that stopped her in her tracks, she already was in a playful mood, had that grin on her face...her face went blank like are you serious? you really said that? then I was like yo come on your fooling around you know better. Attitude in her voice was priceless to me, went from a shocked tone, mid sentence trying to say something slick back , then a playful flirty tone all within 5 seconds.

    But beware we all know what works most of the time, but wont work all of the well what you say to one girl wont work on the next. But to even draw it out further some girls dont like being talked to in this manner, they were raised and have it in their head its disrespectful and theyll even tell you this, fine with me yo I cant be your AFC that you can boss around....

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