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    mofolo Guest

    Default The noob Routine

    If you are a beginner at picking up women, give this a try:


    Interesting Eyes
    Me: I love those contact lenses..
    Her: I'm not wearing any.
    Me: Wow really? you have 'really' interesting eyes...

    Demonstrate Value

    Kino 5 Lies Game

    After Opening, play this simple game with him/her:
    Say "I'm going to ask you 5 questions, and if you can lie to all 5, i'll buy you a drink. If you loose you have to buy me a drink "

    1. What is the colour of my eyes?
    2. Are my hands soft (Give her hands to touch
    3. Is my heart beating (Place her hand on your chest
    Pause or giggle now
    4. Uhh. How many questions was that?
    If she answers 3, She looses!

    neg The Target

    Litte Sister Neg
    You remind me of my little sister.


    Basic Number Closer
    Once you have your target isolated and in a conversation:
    "Hey, your not a thief are you?"
    (hand over cellphone).
    Me: Put your number in and we'll chat later
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    Mystery_wannabe Guest


    I got a question for ya.. what if she actually gets #4 correct? What's question 5? What if she gets that one correct as well?

    Am I supposed to expect that her heart skips a beat and makes a mistake? Or... expect that she would purposefully make a mistake?

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    I've used this soooo many times with success.

    If she gets #4 right.. .act all disappointed and after a moment ask if she's ever played before.

    Of course she is super proud and says no.

    Then hold up 5 fingers and say "That is the fifth question... I'll take a vodka tonic."

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    mofolo Guest


    ^^ Yep!

    And most of the time they'll say '4' thinking you asked "What question am I on?"

    You can use the same "Have you played this before trick". Works 100% of the time.

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    ragr Guest


    omg I so laughted when i read this..that is a pretty impresive game

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    381 Guest

    Default lol

    lol tat was a good one yeah!

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    Nocturnatum Guest

    Thumbs up

    That's a great little routine stack to try out, thanks for posting.

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