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    Ricky Guest

    Default This guy keeps trying to AMOG me in class... what should I do?

    He always tries to make me look stupid or make fun of me... what should I do?

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    RocketMan Guest


    I remember one time a few years ago some dude in one of my college classes tried to make me look stupid. This is what happened:

    I was in class and I had a pack of gum out and took a piece out, then this big amogy like guy comes up to me with some dominant body language I must say, and sticks his hand out expecting a piece. At this time I saw a perfect opportunity because the hottest girl in the class was sitting across watching all of this.

    So back to him, he had his hand out and I said "what? You want a handshake or something?*everyone starts laughing*
    Him: no, give me some gum.
    Me: well I guess I'll let you take this off my hands (present my abc'd gum)
    Him: I want a fresh one from the pack.
    Me: well I could givenyou one if you bark like a dog for me.
    Him: no.... me: alright fine no gum for you.
    Him:.....woof! *everyone watching this bursts laughing* and he started to blush.

    After watching that, the rest of the class my target kept opening me whenever the teacher wasn't talking.

    That type of response is required when someone tries to make you look foolish.

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    Great response!

    That is a great dhv as it AMOG/alpha look like an AFC compared to you. This totally raises your value and the funny part is that value came from someone trying to make you look bad. Well done.

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    Champion Guest

    Default Re: This guy keeps trying to AMOG me in class... what should I do?

    I run a similar technique when girls ask me to buy them a drink, RocketMan. Usually at first they won't do a very enthusiastic sound and I end up buying myself a drink to share.

    I first heard it from Tyler Durdan.


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