What do women want????

Answer: who cares?

Too often I peruse this forum or talk to my friends about women and over and over again I listen to guys ask...what can I do to make them like me? What do they like? what do they want? I have been one of these guys. I have asked my female friends numerous times what women want in a guy.

The reply is usually all the same. A lie. The lie of, oh we want a nice guy, I want a guy that does nice things for me etc. Girls always tell me, why don't you just go up and be yourself, introduce yourself. Now women don't tell you these fallacies because they intend to mislead you. They tell you these fallacies because they don't completely understand their own psychology. While there ARE truths associated with what they tell you it doesn't belong in pick-up those qualities come in a relationship. They must earn those qualities from you.

Now gentlemen, the question isn't what do girls like? Will they like this, or this or this.... The question is how can I live my life like a champion every day to the extent that excellence and confidence ooze out of my every pore leaving every woman in a 100 foot radius wondering who I am?!

Now if you are on these forums either you got lost looking how to fix something you screwed up with the cute girl from the coffee shop...or you have made the decision to improve your life by becoming better at pick-up. As a pick-up artist you MUST come to realize the value of the chase. Never forget Cat String Theory, Push Pull, and punishment/reward.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE THRILL OF THE CHASE! Want a girl to keep giving you attention? Make her earn you. Want to keep a girl around? Be spontaneous and unpredictable. Want a girl thinking about you all day over all the other guys? DON'T do what all the other AFCs do.

This issue gets over complicated a lot, and we can get down really really deep into theories, details, and fine points. However if you want the Mindset that you need to reach PUA status just remember one thing. GIRLS WANT A CHASE. NOW GO BE THAT STRING!!