Alright after doing a plethora of approaches and experiencing rejection after rejection I have finally learned some things that might help up my game. Now that I have overcome aa somewhat, learned how to kino escalate, can successfully N-close on a dime, can complete a K-close, made a couple attempted F-closes, can build attraction, and overcome rejections I think it's time to try to learn how to do a phase shift since my openers are falling flat and getting complacent with my approaches. I think I have a firm foundation now I just need to phase shift out of some of my sticking points. Any suggestions on how to do this would be appreciated.

Let's look at what screws up my game

Bringing up my age has usually always resulted in some kind of contest where I auto reject girls, they sh!t tested me, or playful banter ensued. Though I enjoy the playful banter bit I think I will never bring up the topic of age again. I understand now it only hurts my game when I tell girls my age since some of them think they are too young or too old for me. This is easy to overcome and when I get asked I can easily just avoid the question, switch topics and use their curiousity to screen them or tease them. It doesn't matter my age as long as I am attracted to them and they are within my standards and pass my screening process and not too immature.

Talking about work always screws up my game. They either don't like what I do or they are impressed at my ambition and it gives me too much validation. I am going to try to stop talking about my work because it doesn't matter what I do as long as I have a job or am like dating someone. I have noticed talking about work really kills my game and am going to focus on something else.

I am going to try not to talk about or bring up the topic of music since I literally had a 2 set tell me they don't like music and because I liked it I failed their sh!t test. Also when I asked an HB her favorite artist she told me she likes silence. So really music is not going to help my game either.

BOYFRIENDS (for her) or GIRLFRIENDS (for me)
There have been times where I literally brought up the question if they were seeing someone and it ruined my chances after that since now I am stuck in the friend zone. Basically when a girl brings up a boyfriend that usually means a 3 month Freeze Out if they are worth it and they know me well enough (more than 1 day). I can overcome the BF thing sometimes when I am not acting needy and feeling out the type of girl she might be. When they bring up the BF thing to me he has no value and I just need to act like it is a non-issue that will never hinder my game (ie Alpha). Certain girls can be won over and others cannot it's almost impossible to tell but usually my gut tells me if she is worth the wait. When I bring up the factors of talking about other women it usually screws things up so I really should focus on something else for now.

Topics to focus on in the future to up my game

I could always find out what the girl likes to do in her spare time such as certain types of activity (ie volleyball, swimming, board games, local attractions, mini-golf, etc) to catapult my game where as I could not create a time bridge with talking about my work or her work I could create a time bridge with something like this. When I have played around with this idea of a time bridge with going to a Holiday Event or spending Summer together I have gotten huge IOI's.

I could always tell them I am a self-improvement addict that is soul searching for what I want in life and it could give me some good material to screen, find out what they think, have a conversation about Nice Guys vs A-holes, etc. When I have brought up the fact I wasn't trying to be a Nice Guy I have been able to successfully ping emotions on a HB9 and got her very curious about me.

Sexual Undertones:
I have played around with this and it's a great topic to bring up at the right time to keep myself from getting friend zoned or rejected quickly as long as it is tempered with congruence. This is a hard one to pull off LOL. I have been able to joke around about getting laid and was given validation and other times tried to lay down a sexual undertone and got called a freak. This one takes a lot of congruence.

There is other possibilities here would like some suggestions on doing a phase shift. Just wanted to point out the things that bring me down lately and hopefully I can achieve a successful phase shift here trying this stuff.