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    Default How to deal with a gay friend

    I was in a club last night and I used Bluerose's "signal" and started dancing with this 2-set. They were two HB7s and seemed pretty interested.

    However, after about a minute a guy came up to them and it was obvious that he was out with them and their friend. He then turned to me and told me he was gay. That made things awkward but I just told him "That's great man but I'm not" in a friendly way and tried to keep dancing with the girls. I didn't know if he was gay or if he was just protecting his friends and trying to stop me dancing with them. He started grinding on me and touched my...err groin area... so i left.

    I didn't really know how to respond, and whether or not to focus on him (the obstacle) or wether that would give him the wrong impression. If that happens again how do i act/what do i say?

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    Default Re: How to deal with a gay friend

    Do what a girl would do. If you were touching her and the advances weren't appreciated then slap his hand really hard and tell him you're not interested.

    Then say, "If I was gay or bi-curious I have 3 friends who are much more attractive and inline to do things with me if I decide to go that way"

    It works wonders. The gay and bi guys leave you alone if they know that they have NO chance with you.

    I do have a couple of gay friends who have "offered" so when I get approached by guys I tell them that I don't swing that way but if I ever start they need to get in line.

    Amazing how they leave you alone after that.

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