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    Default Talking over Facebook

    Not a thread to see if its better to phone, telegram, carrier pigeon, etc.

    You got the girl on facebook, let's work with what we have.

    What type of strategy do you use? There are girls that never send you a message first, but answer everything you send, others answer whenever they feel like it, others you talk a little bit 3 times week and the conversation is interrupted all the time, and finally theres the one that initiates you and always answers.

    i generally only invest with girls ive met in real life, 100% online is much steeper.

    Now, when to invest and when to stop investing? Do you send smalltalk messages every day? or maybe just a few days in between, working rapport in the longrun (this has worked for me many times, its like the girls know youre there and are a normal guy and they eventually go out with you). If the girl is not 100% responsive i feel like im being too insistant and i generally stop the pushing, but i might be wrong here.

    Now, thinking about it as a man, if a girl messages me and i dont answer im not interested now or EVER. However some girls have their moods and a big NO one day might be a "come over to my house" a month later. (happened to me)

    what are your experiences?

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    Default Re: Talking over Facebook

    You said it all man, it all changes all the time. Different girls, different situations, different outcomes. Sometimes you play long ball, sometimes you score almost too soon (never really too soon though )

    I like to think if it in terms of boxing. If your up against Ali you'll probably going to have to get inside and throw some body shots, he'll crush you outside. If your up against Mike Tyson, stay outside, keep away from those uppercuts. Just got to figure out your opponent and game against them. (Then fark their brains out )

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