Hello I am new to the forums. However, I have read and researched a lot about gaming. No, I didn't just read Neil Straus's The Game and think I am an expert. I read into a lot of techniques, methods, and theories. However, since I am new I am still inexperienced. The reason I am creating this thread is that I am traveling in 5 days and I wanted to know if this basic preset is how it should be done to approach girls. I am traveling to Sharm and the Russian girls there are HB8's +.

1) Approach the target (Use an opener)
2) Mid Game: First neg the target after using the opener such as "You know you blink a lot" and say some statement such as (if you are approaching a 2 set) "You guys look like best friends, you know how I know? Cause you do the same facial expressions) <-- This will demonstrate dhv. While talking to the target Kino escalate, start by touching her elbows while emphasizing points and her wrist. After about 5 - 10 minutes of building comfort and rapport. I would then tell her "Let me play a game with you, give me your hands." I would then take her hands and move her out the set so I could be the one in the set and not look like a guy who's trying to hit on her. I would play with her the 5 lies game. When she looses or when I lose I would take her to the bar because the bet would be whoever loses has to buy the other person a drink. While on the bar I would kino escalate further by putting my legs on the leg of her pedestal. I would then ask her "Besides your looks what makes you different from all the other girls in the club here?" then based on her attraction levels I would further kino escalate and touch the back of her neck and then close by either saying "I'm trying so hard not to kiss you right now" or mention how the lips are sensitive and give her a demonstration.

So please judge this layout. I cannot experiment with this in the coming 5 days so I need to know if it is solid or if I can improve o it.