Okay just started doing Time Bridges last weekend when I was getting bored of my progress. This helped my game a lot. I already have the basics down of opening, closing, and Kino. Those are the things you must learn first. Basically I created a time bridge by asking what she was doing tomorrow and got ioi's through the roof then she starts making out with me. Basically I am going to be creating more time bridges but I carried this over to the next day and was texting her if we could make plans to try and get the Day 2 and go for the lay.

I lost it with her due to a lot of reasons but this was only my 2nd Day 2 plan set up out of my 54 approaches and 18 #'s I have gotten. Keep in mind I don't N-close every girl sometimes I reject them or just never close them because they don't pass my screening. So it's not all about getting numbers but more about getting the Day 2 and maybe a short term girlfriend. I think just going out and getting laid all the time sounds cheap and emotionless but hey if that's what you're into by all means. I got in the game to get a GF and will have a short term girlfriend but will probably still keep gaming women to find someone better to make them my girlfriend that way I can stay ahead of the game. Besides this is what women do anyway. They go out when they have BF's and replace their BF for me until I screw up. So now I have only gone for the Day 2 but going to be trying a little bit harder to get girls out and will communicate that sooner in my texts rather than waiting months till comfort is built, attraction is built, etc.

The Purpose of Day 2's
When I have gone for the Day 2 out of the two times I did it enabled to survive longer with said girl and helped me lead them on and extend the interaction while increasing attraction. This helps set the tone for future interactions. When I am just texting HB's random stuff with no clear purpose of meeting up in the near future they fall off the map quick and most times never even respond. I would rather go for the lay on a Day 2 than a SNL. I don't think I am going to completely not try to F-close but a lot of things have to go right for that to happen. I think I will probably start trying to bounce girls from the Club to the Bar and then see where it goes. That might enable a SNL but that is not my primary objective. Usually when I go for the K-close I get rejected I just wait for the right moment when Hb's are into me and doing kino on me to k-close them and always succeed.

The purpose is to get the girl out and go for the lay and all this time I spent texting I was just learning and never really ever even tried to ask them out sometimes for months with no response all those times of like weeks without them replying. Now 1 day after I met an HB I text her about meeting up and she is responding like crazy and all into me. It just helps set the tone so well when you bring up meeting up even if she turns me down I know she is playing hard to get which gives me the chance to play hard to get back.