Doing Mid-Game & Interacting with HB's
So once you get good at opening, closing, and kino there comes a time when you will be so used to it aa happens rarely and inner game usually works itself out. I have developed such a numb sense to it no matter how hot the girl is I am not phased by it. Essentially I am saying opening, closing, and kino are done on auto-pilot now because I have practiced so much and relentless in my approaches in opening women I want to talk to. Once I got good at opening, closing, and kino which by now are second nature I don't think about them. I am now more extroverted because I tend not to get stuck in my head. I used to be introverted and stuck in my head because I never approached but approaching forced me to be a social person and think outside the box.

For my openers I usually go with Situational Indirect Openers when I am feeling something rise up in me but go with Situational Direct Openers when nothing comes to mind through default. Again these are auto-pilot responses. I have worked out the kinks in my inner game and don't really use routines on HB's other than Screening, Isolation, Bouncing, Time Bridges, Opening, Re-approaching, Closing, and Kino. These all come from programmed responses but wanted to focus here on building a better foundation.

I am going to start isolating or attempting to isolate immediately on a experiencing cockblock or potential hazardous scenario (ie potential impending rejection).

Time Bridges:
Credit to Mystery I am going to start time bridging women after they pass my screening. Essentially I will not time bridge an HB giving a whole of resistance like passive IOI's but who is into the convo, giving me kino, making out with me, or showing strong IOI's. Essentially not creating a time bridge without any attraction built or me feeling good about the interaction.

Going to try to get more fearless with opening since I have let 7 good sets go to waste since I got in the game. Need to be ready always!

Need to try more F-closes since I need the experience and keep on N-closing.

Don't know of anything I could do more here. Going for make outs usually gets me in trouble need to wait for the HB's to come around and get into me and run kino on me before trying anything.

I used to bounce in and around the Club and while that was a huge DHV for other targets it was just a useless activity. Now I am going to focus more on bouncing from the Club to a Bar or from a day game activity to a Night Spot.

Even when girls reject me I will approach 2-4 more times and sometimes really get somewhere since it builds familiarity and gets me a chance to prove myself. I know when to back out if they keep rejecting I keep walking but if they come around I stick around. But when a blow out occurs of a total shutdown I am gone for good.

Finding out how old the girl is, where she lives, what she does for work are now very important information for me to find out to properly screen them. This will be my new material to work on in the future as not knowing this stuff has hindered me in the past. Even if I don't find out in set I look to find out through text. I used to think that info I just mentioned was useless until I realized I am not intentional enough and therefore just fighting a losing battle. But screening may help me know more about how to handle them.

Sexual Escalation:
Haven't tried it yet need to start practicing.

Essentially that's a list of my current routines and my routines I am trying to implement since my game is getting stale. I know the basics so well it's time to spice it up. This is so much content I don't really need any canned material this is my new process I am going to try to follow and hopefully will see improvements in Set and over text. I am sure if I start using this stuff I will likely get better and stop feeling like my game is so stale since getting a girl's number, texting, and opening is getting too easy. Time to challenge myself and I will likely post in my pick up field reports how it went. Hopefully going to give it a try this weekend and many more to come! Oh and by the way HB's want you to be intentional when you are not intentional the attraction dissipates.