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    lexington Guest

    Default women compliment clothing

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new to the PUA Forums and I just wanted to know what everyone does when women compliment you on your clothes whether it be your jeans, shoes, shirt, watch etc. Thanks for all the suggestions.

    Also the differences in what to say when you are in different circumstances, e.g. in a club, during mid-day etc.
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    HighTower's Avatar
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    Good question. She clearly is interested in you (if she wasn't she would NOT comment on your clothes regardless of how nice they were). This doesn't mean she wants you, but she does want to find out more about you.

    The reply I like to use is is stop, look at her for a moment and smile a tiny bit and say

    PUA - "Thanks for noticing (while nodding your head like are approving her for noticing your fashion sense). You must be involved in fashion, but that is pretty obvious since you have great fashion sense yourself."

    Where you go from there depends on the situation, but know that the door is open, the green light is on and she is wanting you to make the next move in terms of where it goes from there.


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    Ambition Guest


    The answer to any compliment is "Thank you." Leave it at that. Think about why we compliment women...we're trying to score points. How would you feel if you complimented a woman and all she said back was "thank you"? You'd feel like you were trying to get some approval and rapport, and with that little response back you feel appreciated but also have to work harder to get her approval. This is a hoop!

    So let's flip the tables. Say a woman gives you a compliment, and you respond "thank you," and move on. You've just demonstrated value and made her feel that she has to work harder for your approval than just complimenting you.

    Think about it.

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    lexington Guest


    Thanks guys, really appreciate it.

    If anyone else has more ideas, please feel free to add.

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    I have always gone with Ambition's approach, but I really like HighTower's method. Since, as mentioned above, the women is showing interest when she compliments your clothes, I can see a blatant cold read being very effective. It conveys all of the following things:

    A. You recognize the compliment.
    B. You recognize her interest.
    C. You might consider her.
    D. You aren't going to take the compliment too seriously, and she will need to work to keep your
    attention, but you are gonna spend a little bit of your precious time with her.

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    grex Guest


    i normally go the opposite approach and tell the girl " stop trying to get in my pants " obviously with a big grin on my face..

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    Jesse Charger Guest

    Default Re: women compliment clothing

    Yes, she's interested in you if she gives you a compliment and you should just grab her by the waist and pull her in. Return the favor by being dominant and touching her. You can even give her a compliment back and then take it away fast.

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    Bare_Legs Guest

    Default Re: women compliment clothing

    Haha. Yeah, better just THANK us Complimenting a guy on his outfit can be because of so many things... like:

    1) It was a nice color
    2) It was a nice texture
    3) We know it's expensive
    4) We can see our crush or bf wearing it
    5) We wish our bf, brother, father would wear something like it
    6) It looks good on you
    7) We find it amusing or cool that you have fashion sense

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    BadMedicine Guest

    Default Re: women compliment clothing

    Ambitions response was appropriate, if you're super smooth, the girls a 9+, or you're in a position where you're confident you'll see the girls again in the near future.

    It takes a lot of courage for a girl to compliment, and even if she has the courage, decent-rated-chicks are not in low demand for attention and usually wont go out on a limb for a compliment because they feel it's not their role to be the pursuer..

    depending on circumstance.. if you're in a "dating setting" where peeps are scouting other peeps, such as a club, bar, party, etc, then a compliment may be expected, but if you're in a passing scenario with a stranger, one compliment deserves another and you should NOT drop the ball by refusing attention. I like Grex response with something provocative and flippant, and could be a "test-check" if she fails to respond favorably to your reply, well, she aint trying hard enough. but to just say "thanks" and expect her to chase after you with more advances, is probably not going to work (unless you're super-fly...I've never been.)

    a pop quiz or riddle, or little trivia antecdote might be perfect middle road. you dont have to compliment her, but to show interest, or atleast "check-initiate" might be a good hook. I riddle bizzies with trivia as often as I can, because they feel challeneged (like me..), and many (atleast the type I like) will not turn down a challenge, and it makes you look a little smart. can be ANYTHING posed in the form of a questioned, and sometimes (if necessary,) needn't be true. But the sportsman liek thing to do is re-educate her on anything you've misled her about after you have firm grapplin hooks on her and poke a little fun about how gullible and over eager she was to make a connection with a fly pua like you (me).

    thats just what I heard...

    ... Plus, is Barelegs a chick??
    I'm really liking the ideas of a few insightful intelligent chicks on this forum throwing us the flip-side anecdote... hit me up barelegs(j/k)

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    royalflash Guest

    Default Re: women compliment clothing

    A compliment is made because of something that she finds interesting or admirable in you. I'm not really sure though if giving a compliment is a sign of an attraction. But for me, a compliment must be responded by gratitude. Hence, if you are being complimented, you should also learn how to give it back.

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