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Thread: Day 2 Help - Beach Ideas

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    Default Day 2 Help - Beach Ideas

    Background: We've talked sparingly on and off for the last 2 months. I've K-closed with her a few times, but could never close the deal. Setting up day 2's has been bitch since we've both been busy. Anyways, I would like to set up a day 2 with her, but I don't know how to go about it via text since I haven't seen her in awhile and the last time I talked to her was via FB chat about a week ago.

    I live near the beach and i was thinking of doing a beach thing. I know she likes laying out on the beach like me. Get lunch at a restaurant/cafe and then hit the beach later. I'm a noob, so I don't how to go about asking her out for a day 2. Plus, I don't know what order I should do things. Food first and then beach or vice versa.

    Should ask her in a way that I'm already having lunch(regardless of her answer, I'm going to be doing this) and that she should join me or actually set up a date?

    Also, any suggestions for day 2 beach would be nice!

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Day 2 Help - Beach Ideas

    Tell her to meet you on the beach.Don't ask her, tell her. Don't buy go lunch or dinner dates. Coffee, activity or drinks only.

    If she says she will meet you then bring some alcohol with you to the beach ( always find out what they like to drink when you are chatting/ texting). If she shows up you will have a great time and you should be able to f-close.

    If she says she is busy then go to the beach with a friend or if friends aren't available just go to the beach by yourself.

    Find a group of girls who are at the beach and tell them you are a tourist. You need to take a pic for some friends back home showing how beautiful this beach is. Ask one of them to take a picwith you and another girl or girls in the pic.

    Then text the pic to your target and tell her that she missed out on a great time at the beach.

    Other girl(s) in the pic with you show that you are a social magnet who loves to have fun. Your target will try to schedule a date with you after you send/text the pic to her. Make her work a little for the date. No Fridays or Saturdays for the date. No lunch or dinner dates. Coffee, activity or drinks ONLY.

    Sending/texting the pic works for any cancelled date situation. It just shows that you won't wait for her.

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    Default Re: Day 2 Help - Beach Ideas

    Keep the cost of your first few dates to a minimum until you've slept with her and have decided what to do with her. I like drinks for the first meeting, preferably walking distance to my place.

    If she cancels on you, you can respond with: "It's alright, I'll invite someone else."

    Also have a cool/interesting reason to bring her back to your place such as:
    -You want her to see your new fish
    -You have a cool graffiti art book you want to show her
    -You want to show her these cool pictures from your trip to Thailand/Vegas/India...etc.
    -Your cat can do a crazy triple back flip that is a must see, even if it actually can't.

    One of my favorite dates is to get the girl to come over to my place for a scrabble night or to play another type of board game. This provides the opportunity for competitive banter and usually ends in the bedroom. Best of Luck!!

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