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    Default Aproching at a Mall (workingplace)

    Hi guys, im just new in here
    (my english is kind of poor, hope you understand)

    im hope im writting in the right section

    I just got a job at a mall working as a salesman in a cart

    Ive actually being looking for theards talking about aproching
    in some working place like the one I work at but i just found something similar refering to an office but not like a mall, and i believe is way to diferent one to the other

    1_ I would like to know if somebody can give me ideas for picking up a girl that works downstairs

    She already saw me working (because this cart is actually located exposed to every branch around, and she walked trough the hall several times) and making my customers die laughing (this is one of the way we sell basically)

    Ive already been to the branch she works to meet her and talked to her, after she say hi to me from downstairs and pointing me with a laser pointer she had playing with it (10 days ago)

    4 days ago she walked trough the hall and say me Hi smilling turning her face to me while i was talking to my manager which actually is kind of hot (she)

    2_ there is another girl that works just in front of the cart (just 20 feet away) in a glazed shoestore. so she is able to watch to me all day long if she likes,
    i obviously try not to do so to her, point my body to any other direcction but facing her

    I just dont know how to continue with the first one or start with the second one

    can you give me some advices?

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    Default Re: Aproching at a Mall (workingplace)

    Sounds like you're pretty new to the game. From the beginning just focus on being direct with your intentions. Once you see the 1st girl, just approach her and start a convo. Somewhere along the lines you can throw in a compliment to show some interest. Something like, "you're wearing the hell out of that outfit today." Then after a little more talking just ask her out.

    You: "What are you up to for the day?"

    Her: Boop Bop Beep Pow Surprise!

    You: "It's settled, we're going for coffee after work."

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    Default Re: Aproching at a Mall (workingplace)

    Just fire up a conversation with them. Keep it oriented around work, but then as lilsting says, move it to somewhere outside of work.

    Here's a tidbit about flirting with coworkers: you should only do it one at a time. If you're hitting on two different girls in the workplace, it just makes you look like a horny dog who can't stay down and keep his head in the game. Start with the first girl, and if things don't work out move on to the second.
    "There is no better than adversity. Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time." - Malcolm X

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