Hello There!

There is a really cute girl at the local gas station where I live, I just have the URGE to score. Iv' been buying some stuff from her a couple of times now, and always exchange a smile etc. with her.

- some days ago, I was standing looking for some ice creams, when she came out just infront of me (out from some office or so, at the gas station) and smiled instantly at me.

I just feel like, there might be a chance that I can pick this girl up - and I can't stop thinking about it, she is insanely cute!

I'm a pretty attractive guy, and haven't really ever had any probs. picking up girls, but I sure haven't tried to score a girl at a gas station before.

Even found her on facebook actually (Thanks god to the name-sign they wear on the clothes - but sure is to creepy to do anything about the facebook'card yet ha.

I need some advice guys, what would You do?