I just want to say I am on my way to crafting my ultimate game and here is what I have developed so far.

Hired Guns- FB Closing is best
Clubs- Must K-close first to succeed then N-close and pull to F-close (absolute best strategy, girls are there to hook up not get dates the next day)
Bars- N-close then leave them high and dry and f-close over text (Bars are too risky for pulls, try f-closing over text same night or Day 2 Lay)
Church- Social Proof (Social Circle absolute must), After crafting that then approaching simply to say "Hey I'm so and so just thought I might like to get to know you if you want come say hi sometime." No kino, no closer, just pure simple get them chasing me. If they start chasing then you ask them when they are going to ask you to hang out and ask them to N-close you. Only way this may work since you don't want to be the creepy guy at Church that hits on all the hot girls. You should probably go for a GF here not just a lay since that would be a little messed up and karma would kick your butt.
Festivals- (Concerts, EDM Shows)
Must hang out with them the whole festival to succeed here things fall apart when you just n-close and leave or try to do random pull. Try to leave with them. Random pulls as a rule of thumb should only be done at a Club since girls have tried hooking up with me there and tried to pull me all the time!
Daygame-(Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Beer Festivals,etc.)
Shirt must come off if at all possible since massive them chasing you if this happens. No N-closing, K-closing just pure simple approach to see if you can set up a meet same night if they agree to a meet up point then N-close or leave with them if at all possible.

I'll let you know how it goes in my field reports! Going to limit my time to only going out once a week or once every two weeks. Getting too burned out lately and need to have time to myself. Also I have gotten advanced enough don't need to warm up anymore. Just going to approach only the ones I am attracted to that are attracted to me 2-3 sets a night and stick to 8's-10's since this is the only league I succeed in. The 6's-7's always blow me out and are only there to dhv or pass the time but not run game on.