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    Default Trouble making female friends

    I never had a close female friend. The only friends I ever had that were girls were my buddies girlfriends and sisters, but I was never close with them. While I am more interested in making girls my romantic/sex partners, I figure it would useful to make them plutonic friends if they aren't interested in me sexually. Problem is though I never get "friendzoned" they just flat out dont want to talk to me. The reason I am interested in doing this is because I want expand my social circle.

    What is likely the reason that I can't seem to do this and how can I solve this problem? Or is this not even worth my time?

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    Default Re: Trouble making female friends

    Check your face expressions, body language, the way you talk to women.

    Your male friends may not take these into consideration while accepting you as a friend but, man believe me, girls do. Even if you don't want to date them, when you just want to befriend them, you still need to maintain your alpha characteristics. You still need to watch your body language, and you also need to be funny, entertaining, energetic, talkative, etc.

    The only thing you don't include is the escalation and Tension that will spark emotions within women. But you still need to comfort them, listen to them, ask them questions, be genuinely interested in them if you want to make them your close friends.

    Hope this helps a bit.
    Good luck,
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    Default Re: Trouble making female friends

    I'm definitely a big advocate of having female friends. Even ones that you find attractive. They will help you get used to talking to women you like, comfortably.

    I have a loooooong history of having more female friends than guy friends. In fact one of my focuses right now is getting more male friends lol.

    One thing is that they love to pillow talk. About relationships, family issues, the future, etc. And you really don't have say much if you don't want to. Just nod your head and say you understand. And give advice if they ask for it. No biggie.

    Another thing is I always frame it that I think they are attractive, but are not my type. (Which is usually the case since they are my genuine friends and I'm not waiting around like an orbiter for a chance to hit that lol.) Funny cause some of them take it as a challenge and may flirt more with you. But just keep them at bay. Trust me.

    I have a friend who I've been friends with for about 3 years now who is married. We met at a nightclub and as soon as she told me she was married I was oddly ecstatic (probably because she didn't wait until things got too far to tell me, like other women do) so I made her a friend instantly. For the first few months she doubted this in me and she would flirt with me. I always kept my cool since I was determined to not get involved with a married woman and I wanted her to be my wingman. She eventually stopped, but still occasionally tests me.

    The point is....always keep your cool even when they are testing you with the flirting. If you decide to make them your friends then KEEP them that way. Don't take them flirting with you as an opportunity. I've kept long term friendships with women because I brushed off their flirting. Keep friends as friends and women you want in your bed in your bed. It keeps things simple and cleaner.
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    Default Re: Trouble making female friends

    I've always found making female friends is much easier than making male friends, especially if your not attracted to the girl anyway.

    I've had a pretty good number of both in my day and find that being friends with girls is completely different than being friends with guys. The boys like to be doing something when they hang. It's not extremely typical to go over to a guy friend's place, sit on the couch and just talk. You may be drinking beer or watching a ball game but your mind can easily be occupied by that instead of merely the dude your hanging out with.

    The script is flipped with girls. They love to talk and share. Since they were in elementary school that's what they've done. The boys made friends playing basketball, the girls made friends talking. Thus, making female friends is all about a level playing field of interaction. She shares, you share, she laughs, you laugh, she cries... well just try sympathizing You don't need to listen to every word she says, and pamper her. That tool of a boyfriend she gets can do that. Hang when it's convenient and treat her like you would your sister.

    Plus, if you can tell the girl is socially sound, even if she is unattractive or bigger, she'll most likely hook you up with some friends.

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