1. You have to be very attractive.
This just simply is NOT the case. You need to be well groomed, and wear clothes that fit and look good on you. You also need to have a positive outlook and have good body language. Being 'very attractive' may help initially, but it means much much less than people realize.

2. You have to have money.
This also is simply not true. One of the best pick up artist I ever hung out with had about $40 to live on one month. He didn't waste money on expensive drinks when he went out (he did have a few, but mostly it was pre-gaming at a house). You can't act poor - but you do not need to flash money or expensive items to attract women.

3. You need to say the perfect thing all the time.
This actually can really hurt your game. It is much better to say something not perfect and have good tonality and body language than to wait and think and wait and think and then eventually say the 'perfect thing'. That is just way to try hard and comes across as weird.

4. You need the perfect pick up line to go talk to a HOT woman.
There is no such thing as a perfect pick up line. Just talking to a woman is sufficient if you are interesting or have something that is socially relevant or enhances her overall experience in whatever she is doing. Saying a "pick up line" just as a pick up line is stupid.

5. You should not hang out with or be seen around guys who are more attractive than you as she will want them.
Actually being around attractive guys boosts your attractiveness level greatly. People subconsciously associate a persons value with who they are around. It is almost the same as if women see you with an attractive woman.. they automatically raise your value.

6. You should not compliment a woman, instead you should try to 'neg' her or bring her down to your level.
I really am not a fan of the 'neg' as it is used in pick up today. Instead, I prefer to boost her value (up to mine) by noticing something unique about her and complimenting her on it. I also LOVE to tease women, so I will pick something about them that is good and tease them about it (don't pick something that they are already going to be self conscious about) as you will just generate a negative response.

7. You should speak to a woman within 3 seconds of seeing her (the famous 3 second rule).
This rule makes a lot of sense for people with super high Approach Anxiety or who lack situational and social confidence. A much better strategy is to use the warm approach technique. A warm approach is where you establish some non-verbal connection via body language and more importantly eye contact. Done properly, eye contact can be the best opener there is...

8. You are bugging women if you 'hit on them'.
OK - Hitting on women is creepy, but if you go up and engage in interesting conversation with them, they will enjoy it. I have had many very attractive women who are friends of mine tell me they wish that more guys talked to them (both when they are out at night, and even during the day). Almost every time I have used day game (and night game), I have brought some form of interesting / fun experience to the women I am 'hitting on'. It is about giving love and value... and women love that.

9. Meeting women should be considered a job and requires hard work.
If this is your attitude, you are probably having very little if any success with women. Your attitude NEEDS to be, I am going to go out and have fun and talk to people because it is fun. I may talk to some guys, I may talk to some girls - but it will be enjoyable. When talking to women, I will see if any are interesting enough for me to want to talk to later and if so, I will get their number and set up a day 2. THAT is not work.

10. A good pick up artist can go 10/10 when picking up women (they can get 10 women attracted to them out of 10 approaches).
Man this simply is a lie put forth by the men who are the so called 'experts' in the community. I have seen some of the best pick up artists in the world get completely blown out of set. The simple fact of life and humans is that not everyone is interested in everyone else. That is why there is always someone for everyone. The key is to have fun, meet as many cool interesting people as possible and see where that path takes you. I am confident that it will take you to whatever you are seeking.

I actually published this article here:
Top 10 Ridiculous Myths About Picking Up Women

Bill P