I've noticed throughout my short, yet interesting, run with the game that a time came when I thought that if I said everything just right magically I would get a date with the girl. She would hint and throw out massive ioi's and it would be so easy to ask that before I got a word out she would say she'd love to hang out. This doesn't ever seem to be true, and even if it was you'd still have to ask...

The fact of the matter is the second you decide to interact with anyone, be it the gas station attendant or the guy in the office next to you, your showing some form of interest. Otherwise, you'd never say a word and you'd keep on doing whatever pathetic thing life so easily laid down for you.

It's not so different with the HB9 you approach at the super market. You could most likely just as easily comment to the old guy checking out the dusty cheerios box for a price tag if he actually enjoyed eating that. Though that doesn't seem to difficult, if he tells you to piss off, you could easily shrug, laugh, or just walk away without a single remorseful thought. So why not be able to do that with her. The second you can let go of your interest being an indicator of some deeper guilt instilled throughout years of social uniformity, you can show that interest and not give a frick if put away.

Girls are not socialized to be the ones to assert and show interest, men are. It's time to follow your manly roots. It's time to approach the smoking hot lady walking down the street and let her know you want her. It's time to joke with the girl behind the counter at Abercrombie and then ask her out. It's time to get rejected, get used to it, and then slowly watch yourself get farked so much you can't afford condoms anymore. Gentlemen, it's time to start showing interest.