Hey Guys,

Was watching some funny videos on youtube and came up with what I think a great idea that would help basically anybody to get past the aa with ease.

You guys know what ''Spotted'' is on Facebook??

In case you don't, basically its a fanpage of a particular place/city/town e.g. ''Spotted: Central London'' where most of the time people post anonymous messages about somebody they saw and didn't get a change to talk to them etc. I just realized that sounds like the AA to me! and here's the real deal:

You grab a notepad with a pen, so it looks like you're doing some kind of questionnaire etc. ALL YOU DO is come up to random people, guys, girls, HB10s, HB1s, old people, ANYBODY, and start scribbling in your notepad info about what they are wearing or their persona. You don't even have to say anything to them as you come up,(DONT COME UP STRAIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM and BLOCKING THEIR PATH, Ideally come at an angle or from the side) just rumble quietly things you're noting down, add some eye contact as you keep writing so e.g. dark top with an eagle logo, blue washed out jeans, literally anything. WHEN THEY ASK what are you doing, ASK if they know what SPOTTED IS, IF THEY DO KNOW what it is tell them you're just noting stuff for the SPOTTED page for the place you're at, so then you can ask that person through SPOTTED to hang out with you, go for a walk, go coffee etc. IF THEY DONT, then describe them what it is and go for the very detail as in it's a page where people post anonymous messages about somebody they saw and were to shy to talk to them. It's ridiculous but you'd be surprised with the effects. Obviously later on you can start to game them if you want, BUT in some cases you even don't have to do that as sometimes girls will offer to give you their numbers just like that.

I have not yet field tested it myself due to being ill for past week, but I definitely will and would like you guys to try it out as well and let me know how it went.

*if there's a similar topic/idea already on the forum, which I doubt, but have to say I have not reasearched for it, then let me know and I will get this thread removed. Thanks