So last night was terrible. 5 Night Game sets that went absolutely nowhere. I even approached some girls that were yelling at me on the street all crazy then they got all boring when I approached. I was just so stiffled. I can't tell you how it feels to go to the hottest Club in my area to walk around see one bartender that rejected me then another then the Cocktail Waitress who rejected. Just like no more intrigue whatsoever. Like we are all friends or some nonsense.

Society is Wrong
Been doing Night Game solely for the last year and really just bored not learning anything. Society thinks the Night Game scene is like one giant hook up where everyone is just getting jiggy. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have yet to secure a single hook up doing Night Game. Sure there has been about 5 sets that made subtle passes at me to get something going but I chickened out everytime.

So in essence I know the outcome get a couple of numbers, do a couple of sets, etc. My wingman now has a GF so no help there. So since Night Game ain't any easier just switching up my game to strictly day game now screw this. I think I need like a 9 month break from this Night Game because I am getting too stiffled and it is coming out in my interactions. The women ain't hot enough and I am just dogging on women telling them they ain't good enough for me.

Like why are Clubs so overun with these young kids (bars a little better)? I have no idea I thought these were 21+ enviorments. Like no one old enough to drink. But hey if all that ever happens doing Night Game is do a couple sets and get a couple numbers I can do the same jazz doing Day Game!

Day Game Onslaught
You guys have seen nothing but Night Game sets from me for the last year and may be thinking why this keeps happening but I am moving back in with my family to save money because I can't get a GF anyway. I had my own place for the last year and I thought chicks would want to go home with me, have me go home with them, I mean that's what Society thinks wrongly calling Night Game "Dens of Iniquity" man they are so wrong because a bunch of kids who can't drink, a bunch of women who won't hook up etc. Granted I won't have alcohol in me to give me liquid confidence but hey that's what I need right now. Day Game scares the daylights out of me right now and that's what I need to learn because I have no idea how I am going to work it.

I will still do Night Game just a lot, lot less because I will be living with my Parents who won't let me come home drunk or bring home girls. But not like it matters because I can't bring home girls anyway! Besides I can still have a GF living there anyway. And if I meet a girl who wants to go home with me when I have the chance to go out seldom at night I will just blame women and say they play too hard to get so I moved in with my family because they are making things too complicated. I will simply explain it's their fault for really just playing around all the time and frame it that way like it is cool or whatever.

So get ready for the excessive Day Game sets after the excessive Night Game sets. I have plenty of women my age doing Night Game it's just hot women my age are so hard to find these days and these 6's & 7's are really just so rough on me. The hotter they are the better my chances. Need to go find a 8 or 9 because at least they give me their time and give me a challenge. Saw one or two 8's last night one had a BF and the other I screwed up because I approached the friend who was a 6 and was a dlv on myself. Should have approached the 8 but I was just stiffled like I said not caring just looking for validation. Didn't close a single girl that's how bad they turned me off and left early like just totally bored. Not to mention I saw 2 smoking hot 8's walking through a new Day Game Target rich location "summer square music outdoor mall plaza every friday type of deal." and was totally overwhelmed with aa man this is what I need right now! Just too many epic fails and dead nights lately for Night Game.

So going to hit up this Square Music thing next Friday likely and hit up a Independance Day weekend Holiday City Event(300,000 weekend event) to start up on my Day Game. I imagine Day Game is harder to approach but hey what the heck? Time for a change. Time for a break from this nonsense. Who knows maybe it will make me feel better? I don't know what happened I used to love Night Game. But now I am in love with the idea of Day Game so going to go down that road since I know as a general rule of thumb "hook ups don't happen". Wish I would have known that sooner!

Day Game vs Night Game
Don't get me wrong I am not saying one is better than the other. They just both have their pros and cons you know? Don't want to list them here now but let's just look at a few key differences.

Clubs are overun with 18-20 yr olds and though they are hot and I am approaching them I am not really attracted to that age group so stopped closing these sets a while back. Sure I have met a 42 yr old, a 37 yr old, a 38 yr old, a 33 yr old, a 35 yr old, and a 36 yr old doing night game but that was like 5 sets out of 60 Night Game sets so I know they are pretty uncommon for Night Game.

Bars are a little better as far as age range but still common ground is mostly 22-25. Now I was just running a small experiment not looking to approach and get a feel for Day Game. So I went to this Square and it was a field of older women (my age range) and I was just like back in that moment of inspiration. It's much easier to meet older women during the day that's why I am going to focus more heavily on that right now. Night Game will still be around and I will still make my rounds just a lot less frequently like I said. Night Game is easier but holy cow Day Game has more hotter and older women! I am just not seeing a lot of hot older women lately at night but have seen so many hot older women lately during the day like more than I can count! Time to make my rounds doing Day Game now that I have the whole Night Game thing down and helped me polish my skills a bit.