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Thread: Transitioning to Day Game, more field testing this upcoming weekend

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    Default Transitioning to Day Game, more field testing this upcoming weekend

    So as I mentioned had a terrible night last night, a make or break kinda night. I went out with a chip on my shoulder and just wanted to see if anything happened and when it didn't I felt like I lost so I put all my monkeys in the barrel for Night Game now I am taking my monkeys back out need some pointers as I make the transition to day game.

    Only done about 5-10 Day Game approaches but nothing full force magnetic thrill ride kind of action I am used to doing Night Game. Basically I have passed up about 10 Day Game sets and only about 3 Night Game sets lifetime of being in the game so obviously we see I have a problem with aa when it comes to Day Game. Now I am not ragging on Night Game because that is where I got my stripes and think it is a great avenue but just an avenue that is wearing me thin right now.

    So onto the Day Game I have planned for this upcoming weekend.

    Square Music Event (1,000-1,500)
    Bars litter the sqaure so not sure yet how to get a drink yet since the bars were wall to wall packed. Need a way of dealing with that. Also much of crowd is either dancing, sitting in chairs, or at bars. I only feel comfortable approaching the ones walking around not dancing or at the bar. The hottest ones I have seen were just walking on by. What do you guys think If I just make my way around since it is so crowded find a couple of spots and hit up some targets? How can I make this calibrated?

    Independance Day Weekend Holiday Event (Arts Festival 300,000+)
    I just found out they have a Beer Garden so I am so in next weekend. I was having a hard time with my inner game for why I would be there but beer is always a great crutch (so is music). So help me make my transition to Day Game. Should I put a lot of pressure on myself to do good since have knocked out 9 sets in an hour at a Club? Or should I take my time and just wait for it to come to me? How do I make it look like I am not there hitting on women (dlv) but actually having a good time?

    Should I go in super hard to extend these Day Game interactions or should I just lay low and see what happens? I am kinda of nervous about next weekend since Day Game gives me AA and I want to try to mack hard. Essentially I want another good couple of sets to boost my confidence and get me on a roll again, any pointers would be nice. I am going to be doing more field testing like looking at my state, pumping up my state, passing sh!t tests calibrating properly, hot & cold, push-pull, etc just to watch and see how the HB's respond to these methods as well as trying to get the Day 2.

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    Default Re: Transitioning to Day Game, more field testing this upcoming weekend

    Get over you aa first.

    Approach sets and prolong your conversation to be as long as possible with each set. This will get you over your day game AA.

    Once you are comfortable approaching sets then start going more direct.

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