Get ready for a high velocity situation that is the situation you get in when you do your next approach. It will wear you thin if you're not careful so let's assess the situation shall we?

There is a certain value of assessing the situation on a low risk vs high risk analysis but first I cannot overstate the value of building your mountain. My number #1 goal right now is to build my mountain so moving back in with my Parents, getting a second job, closer commute to work and essentially get out of debt and quick. I have spent most my life running away from home, broke, homeless, couch surfing, unemployed, car wreck after car wreck, setback after setback but now I have a steady job just going to focus on building my mountain starting next month. My living situation currently allows me to go out at Night and go home with girls but I can't bring them home because I have a roomate and that wouldn't work. So yes moving in with my Parents won't allow for Night Game really but Day Game mostly which is okay since I haven't gone home with a girl anyway and need time to build my mountain to get ahead and back in the game of real life. So I can't overstate the importance of building your mountain and being able to have that freedom from debt so you won't have to go through the things I went through. But on to the real deal!

Low Risk vs High Risk Approaches
You must assess the situation sometimes within 5 seconds, sometimes in 3 seconds, sometimes in 1 second, but sometimes in 5 minutes or even 30 minutes or even a whole week. For instance

HB6's-7's Low Risk Approaches Advised
I cannot overstate the value of choosing your battles wisely. I always underestimate 6's-7's and they always surprise me the most more than any other HB's. HB6's-7's are like loaded dice one time you throw in a no effort low ball approach and it sinks like a gem and sometimes like a rock. Sometimes you try something over the top and you get sent flying into next week and your game totally shot for the Day or Night. So approach these like your world class friends. These girls are the training ground for the nitty gritty sh!t tests and rejections to tough you up and give you a thick skin so you can get in it to win it. They will pull all the punches and your tag lines won't work on them so low ball it all the way with them. On 6's-7's generally you should do Low risk what's up openers, normal conversational openers, natural game openers, build up your state openers, warm up openers, harness your skills openers, etc. Basically you shouldn't be hardcore with girls that ain't hardcore. These HB's know it and they play it off like they are all that and a bag of chips but you knwo they are faking it and ain't even good at rejecting you, just take it in stride and take the low risk approach not throwing yourself out there, chasing them, using romantic openers too risky and the payday is too steep to play around with these. These are just the fun ones to get you back in the game and get you going for the Day or Night. So next time you fear the approach remember the key thing here is to start low and work your way up. We get so intimidated because we only want to approach the 10's but we will never get there without starting on the 7's. The 6's-7's have always sh!t tested made things difficult for me probably always will. I thought these sets would be easier but in ways they are harder. But it has its perks since you know you ain't approaching a slamming 10 just a cool way to get your feet wet without too much risk. Let's take for instance a recently acquired target of mine solid 7 right? Well I found her by chance at her work coming out to her car and didn't approach (I know aa right?) and knew exactly where she just came from just a sense. So I went in yesterday got my fix of her, got stuff done in there to play it down like I was just a customer. Lucky me she took care of me. Low ball approach like I said. This was pure Day Game at it's finest, crowded store (social pressure), not a Bar or Club (out of my element, more AA), awkward feeling about closing (natural game/inner game), Hired Gun the whole bit. Hardly ever approach a set with a smile while making eye contact. Well I approached with a quick smile and made eye contact. That's it, that's all I did but even that was a first for me. I did nothing else just sat down and waited for her to open me and she did. The normal everyday conversation about work, plans for the weekend, random thoughts, and questions. No attraction, no chemistry, just plain simple low ball approach. No rejection, no fear, just pure simple fun. Never closed her either I know I am such a bad boy. Planning on working on this one once in a blue moon stop in work my magic slowly over time and build attraction like I am building a fire. She feed me 1 IOI and I am going to take her up on it next time just ignored her last time. This will be a very slow attraction sequence (4-6 months) before I actually Facebook Close this one. If I closed her today I would have my answer within a few days after being rejected instantly or getting stood up but I like the thrill of the chase and like not knowing sometimes rather than always knowing by always be closing it helps build suspense. Will let you know as more develops and I start to develop a routine around it by acquiring more targets to slowly build suspense with at their work to have like 3-4 targets I am slowly building attraction with would be an awesome feeling.

HB8's-HB9's High Risk Approaches Advised
I can't tell you how many times I got IOI's through the roof on a HB8-HB9 because of a well calibrated opener, hopeless romantic opener, killer opener, good situational opener, heartless opener, super interested in you opener, runner approaches, follow her around openers, etc generally girls that are hardcore don't like when you ain't hardcore. I love heartless openers (A-hole then Nice Guy then A-hole again) on HB10's like such the perfect way to flip the script on them! But to cut the cards here you must remember high risk equals high reward. You shouldn't low ball a high roller like this. These HB's are used to so much attention from men, passes from men, weak pathetic attempts from men, and unlike HB6's-HB7's who think they are all that and are super bad at sh!t testing you and their attempts to reject you are pathetic (you blow it off like that's their best shot?) HB8's-HB9's know they are all that and they reject you better, sh!t test you harder, essentially turn your whole world upside down if you're not careful. That's why 6's-7's will never break you but 8's-9's are the real deal they don't need to pretend they are they just are. So how do you handle women like this? By acting like other men? Well kinda. All those openers are potentially very cheesy to some people like HB's of that caliber would never go for that jazz but surprisely 8's-9's are a lot more receptive to an honest, sincere, strong open that they just fall for it everytime just like in the movies. If you go hardcore on a low baller (HB6-HB7) you will eat dirt so don't go AFC on that. This is why the value of assessing the situation cannot be overstated. Sometimes you got your beer googles on, your emotions get the better of you, and sometimes I don't know what the heck I think of a chick till a couple days later. But assess it little by little and feel your way around. Your feelings won't totally blind you. Do I feel weak, nervous, etc? Do I feel empowered, awesome, alpha? Go alpha if you feel alpha go in soft if you feel nervous it's just better that way. HB's would rather you calibrate your approaches to be soft or hardcore like you mean it rather than faking it and as long as you are making it smooth and comfortable it just doesn't matter if you screw up a little as long as you are staying calibrated throughout you are still fighting the good fight of the game.

Low Risk Closing vs High Risk Closing
Now that we understand that at Bars, Clubs, Festivals, Events you always be closing but towards Hired Guns like Bartenders, Cocktail Waitresses, Waitresses, Retail Shop Girls, Girls working at places you frequent you become a regular and always be slowly building before closing. To close a Bartender on the spot is very high risk and you have your answer if she rejects you then you can never build attraction with her again since you had your chance. But this rule doesn't apply to singlular events like chicks at the Bar, Club, Holiday Events, Water Parks, etc unless they work there you can always be closing them. But with Hired Guns I like the low risk approach of always be slowing building for a close over time by becoming a regular and get to know her first. I hated closing Hired Guns on the spot makes me feel so weak! I got in the game because of a Hired Gun and some Church women but mostly that Hired Gun that shot me down. I was like a plane flying 30,000 feet soaring on cloud 9 giving poems, finding her on FB, coming in to visit her (girl of my dreams) to only find out a month later she wants me to drop dead! It was like I was a plane that got shot down by a missle sent strait from the headquarters of HB pissed off central, absolutely earthshaking. They are called Hired Guns for a reason because they are packing heat big time fellas play your cards right or go down in a blaze of glory. Glory? Did I go down in a blaze of glory? Well no not really I went down like a spineless whimp unable to accept rejection from a woman I was interested in. Well at least that's changed. What's the goal? To always win? No women won't always let you win them over. There's a lot of factors that go into play why she won't hook up with you but mostly you need to remember to look your best doing it. If she rejects you make it the most glorious rejection you ever had, make her want you back. Go down so hard and overplay the theatricality of it so much that it's like you are auditioning for a new PUA title. I haven't pulled this off yet trust me but I came close here's an example. I once opened a 4 set (bad idea I know) who called me hot as I was walking and didn't even notice them. They were twirling their hair and calling me hot to get my attention and when I was almost gone I finally noticed them. So I went back. Got the names wrong (4 on 1 come on!) got slam dunked on by the hot one I was working on (she gave me an F-) because I got her name wrong. Got her number and left. Saw her grabbing another guy around me (trying to make me jealous) approached her again because my phone didn't save the number (batting all zeros I know) and she yelled at me and pushed me away (in the 3 set). Walked a short distance away and waited for the isolation to come. She isolates herself I go after her and play out the theatricality of it all. Threw my chest out moaping saying a sob story and she thought it was cute fell into my arms let me grab her, almost kissed her, took a picture of her (still have it on my cubicle), and essentially she said "you just need to work a little harder." My theatricality didn't pay off because once she fell for me I fell for her and started to get too attached and stopped playing out the romantic love scene we just had (she was an HB8).

So you see there is a measure of importance for assessing the situation on Low Risk Approaches, High Risk Approaches, Low Risk Closing, and High Risk Closing that you can't win them all so don't always be closing the 6's-7's. I barely if ever close 6's-7's anymore. Sure when I started I closed everything that moved but now I close the ones I really hit it off with and it is a lot more alpha in my opinion to use 6's-7's as warm ups let it go nowhere then close or slowly build to a close on the 8's-9's. So essentially I will still close 7's just a lot less because that's still one way to calibrate but I found just use it more as practice and training ground like I said. I no longer feel like I have to always be closing like the gurus said however I do feel a better way to frame it is always be approaching.