Some women are crazy- bitch shields to max. It's pretty funny when you think about it. I'll share a quick story.

I was leaving a place quite late- I had probably 4 numbers and a kiss under my belt. There was an average looking two set standing nearby, and I noticed a tattoo on the girls arm. I'm into tattoos, I wasn't really into her, but I figured I'd say hi. The most innocent, AFC thing- "Good spot for a tat, can I see it?" Anyways, this bitch turns and says the following: "That's my brother over there, and he's going to beat you up if you don't leave." Her friend chimed in: "We're having a serious conversation here!" I laughed my little ass off, and pointed to the group. "That one over there? He seems like a nice guy. I'm gonna go say hi," through laughter. She didn't point him out, and I was ready to go, so I didn't, but I would've. I got the last laugh. If a girl is rude to me bro, I make sure I leave on top.