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    Default Pandora's Box: determining her type

    I recently read the pandora's box system and I am trying to determine what type this girl I am interested is.

    Based on the fact that she does not mention sex/avoids sexual jokes I fairly sure she is a denier. She is also a really shy girl in general although I am not sure if shyness is relevant to the sex line or the time line.

    She is going into her senior year of college and she is studying a professional field and plans to go to grad school so it seems she is a realist.

    My hangup is in determining whether she is a tester or investor. She has only had one serious relationship and that has lasted for several years and her primary friend group consists of girls and her boyfriend's male friends. Seemingly in contradiction however, she has several male friends separate from the aforementioned group who she hangs out with and texts with some regularity.

    This analysis leads me to believe that she is either a TDR (private dancer) or IDR (Connoisseur).

    I would love feedback on my analysis as a whole and how to determine this girl (and other girls) time lines.

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    Default Re: Pandora's Box: determining her type

    Does she have a different style? Does she appear tomboyish at times? Does she talk to virtually anyone? Those are signs of The TDR or you can just ask her if she prefers to be surrounded by male or female friends. If she says girls are catty and not worth the trouble definately TDR.
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