Rule #1 of the HB Don't Ask Don't Tell
Don't ask her for anything like the time, directions, location of anything, nearest bathroom, lighter, to dance, for a drink, to bounce, for her number, etc.

Demand your intentions don't ask. Demand the number but don't ask for anything else unless she is buying you a drink or unless the bounce is congruent. When you see an HB go up and approach. Not saying you should specifically go out just to sarge I am getting tired of this school of thought. Go out when you want to go out, go out to where you want to go out. I thought about going to this Square thing but ain't hitting that up unless it is right for me. You shouldn't make hitting on women your only purpose of going out. Man I just got invited to a Club so probably going to hit that up and some day game fit into my schedule of what I want to do tomorrow NOT SPECIFICALLY JUST TO SARGE.

All I am seeing around the grapevine is us guys going out specifically to get women, man way to DLV ourselves. When we make that our only priority for going to the Mall and don't have any shopping to do we are totally a walking breathing rejection and DLV. Go to things and places you actually have stuff to do at, are already planning on, etc. This explains why I got burnt out on Night Game so quickly because I was making that my only purpose for going out now just going to hang back and reflect on the things I want to do and game women in the in between of while I am doing said activities. Not only does this give me natural game but it also helps me have material to talk about.

Macking Hard
My focus now is macking hard and going hardcore on the chicks who are hardcore. Going to that Concert? You better approach. Going to that EDM Show? You better approach. Going to that big crowd for the fireworks in the Park? You better show up early and approach. Going to the Club? You better want to go for you to have a good time not them AND THEN APPROACH. Going to a Water Park? You better approach. Going to that Pool Party? You better approach. But only approach if there is actual targets there. You see we put so much pressure on ourselves to GO OUT AND SARGE but remember having game should be apart of our daily life and instead of focusing so heavily on the outcome of getting women since there are so many of them (and the abundance is wearing me out) and with all the texting they do when they want to text all day (Hot & Cold perfect excuse to hit the ignore button!) we should just kick down some game on the side when we actually do want to go out and do things differently, like we actually want to text this way our inner game will be tighter and no texting all day is not cool IMO. Our inner game should not be wrapped up in aa that shows us we have no other purpose of being there which is totally AFC. So approach when you hit the stuff up you do normally and you will notice this is a more effective strategy than forcing ourselves to specifically go out and approach. We shouldn't pick up our PUA mantle just to get blasted. We should pick it up we because we got instant DHV going into said arena (friends, invites, plans, stuff) ready to pull the stunners on the side as a project but not a goal. That's how you approach from a place of centerdness and not AFC mindset of going out just to Sarge. Think your mindset doesn't matter, no time to think about that stuff? Well go out without thinking like I did for a couple of months and you will pick up on patterns that you have and your own insecurities. All I am saying is to go out and properly Sarge have some stuff going on for goodness sakes that way it will feel good for you and not all about chasing the feel good validation you will better pass sh!t tests when are already in the zone (fun zone) and in self-control. But if you lose control and are not having fun for you then you lose and sh!t tests are harder to pass and more dealbreakers for you and that night. I'm going out to have a good time screw going out to Sarge, I'll Sarge when it's convenient for me and man will that get my inner game in the right place to be...all about me. And it's all about you so stop making all this effort and think differently. The more effort you put into it the more pressure, the more pressure the more stress. Just kick back, lay back, and let the HB's come to you when you got it going on then your approaches will be quality not just quantity. Think not? Well I am trying it this weekend and if it goes well I'll have a weekend field report to talk about. Not posting anything if it is a total bust though or not enough targets (ie no/low HB8's-HB9's)

This is intermediate though since newbies are going to want to approach as much as possible to conquer AA and should look for any possible reason to approach. It's just the level I am on doesn't require me to go out and do mass approaching anymore since I already know how to and trying to focus on making better approaches not just get more approaches to add to my tally.